Maintenance of PVC Plastic Sports Floor

June 23,2022

PVC plastic sports floor is colorful, and has the advantages of anti-bacterial, anti-skid, sound-absorbing, comfortable foot feeling, easy cleaning and so on. So how to maintain our PVC plastic floor?


What Are the Advantages of PVC Flooring?

June 10,2022

In home decoration, people often choose wood flooring, tile to decorate the ground, and in recent years, more and more consumers choose PVC flooring. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of home PVC flooring? And how should we maintain PVC flooring in our daily lives?


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Flooring

May 25,2022

Make a purchase of Wood Flooring from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.


What Are the Special Flooring for Dance Studios

May 11,2022

Dance studios are daily practice areas for dancers, and often play a particularly important and essential part in the daily training of dancers. The most important part of the dance studio decoration is the use of flooring.


Construction Steps of Anti-Static Floor

April 27,2022

Anti-static floor is a device that connects to the ground and the workplace to form electrostatic induction. It is widely used in various professional computer rooms such as computer centers, communication centers, and data centers, or hospital operating rooms, anesthesia rooms, and other places sensitive to electrostatic induction.


Description of Basic Parameters of Artificial Lawn

April 14,2022

The main parameters of an artificial lawn include pound value, grass height, density, row spacing, number of needles, bottom and back, back glue, width, roll length, etc. The quality standard of artificial turf is mainly judged from these parameters. But how to understand the meaning of these parameters? Let's give you a detailed interpretation of the meaning of these parameters.


How to Build Your Own Lawn

March 30,2022

First of all, the soil where the lawn is planted should be turned, and the weeds and debris in the soil should be removed. After evenly spreading the grass seeds, cover them with thin soil, and then water and fertilize the grass seeds.


Natural Lawn or Artificial Lawn?

March 16,2022

As we all know, there is a big difference between a natural lawn and an artificial lawn, so should we choose a natural lawn or an artificial lawn?


wholesale oem artificial turf factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 13,2021

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