Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Flooring

May 25,2022

Reinforced composite floor


Laminate floor, also known as the composite floor, is a floor decoration material made of medium density wood-based panel or high-density wood-based panel through molding, film covering, edge cutting, interface cutting, and other processes.


Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials: bottom layer, base material layer, decorative layer, and wear-resistant layer. The number of revolutions of the wear-resistant layer determines the service life of the composite floor.


Disadvantages: the foot feel is poor, and it can be warped and deformed in case of water or long-term exposure to the sun. Blisters cannot be repaired after damage.


Advantages: various designs and varieties, wear-resistant, beautiful, and stable. Easy pavement, no need for polishing, painting, waxing, convenient maintenance, and low price.


Solid wood flooring


A solid wood floor, also known as a log floor, is a floor directly processed from solid wood. It has the natural pattern of trees and is a poor conductor of heat. It can play the role of warm in winter and cool in summer. It has the characteristics of comfortable foot feeling and safe use. The designer believes that the solid wood floor is an ideal material for the floor decoration of bedrooms, studies, and other spaces.


Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to lose luster, need regular waxing, heavy workload of pavement, not easy to maintain, afraid of acid-base and other chemical corrosion, afraid of burning, moisture, easy to cause deformation.


Advantages: nontoxic and tasteless, natural patterns, comfortable feet, gorgeous and noble, sound insulation, humidity regulation, warm in winter and cool in summer, hard and dense material, durable, strong corrosion, and moth resistance.


Solid wood composite floor


The solid wood composite floor is a new kind of solid wood floor, which is derived from the solid wood floor family. The solid wood composite floor is divided into a multi-layer solid wood floor and a three-layer solid wood floor.


The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of three-layer solid wood veneers, and its surface layer is the most precious and high-quality perennial hardwood, but it is less produced in China and expensive, so it is used more abroad, and multi-layer solid wood floor is more popular in China.


Disadvantages: glue paste and formaldehyde emissions are higher than that of a solid wood floor, and the footboard is slightly harder than that of a solid wood floor.


Advantages: beautiful wood grain texture, good dimensional stability, easy to lay and maintain. Beautiful luster, heat resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, moth resistance, and affordable price.


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