Description of Basic Parameters of Artificial Lawn

April 14,2022

The main parameters of an artificial lawn include pound value, grass height, density, row spacing, number of needles, bottom and back, back glue, width, roll length, etc. The quality standard of artificial turf is mainly judged from these parameters. But how to understand the meaning of these parameters? Let's give you a detailed interpretation of the meaning of these parameters.


artificial lawn


Pound weight


The pound weight of grass fiber is the unit dtex of textile fiber, which is the weight gram of a 10000-meter long-fiber bundle. The conventional specifications of grass fiber include 6300, 7400, 8000, 8800, 9500, 10000, 11000, etc. the larger the coefficient, the heavier the weight, and the better the quality.


row spacing


Row spacing is the distance between rows of grass lines, usually in inches. Common row spacing: 3 / 4, 3 / 8, 3 / 16, 5 / 8, 1 / 2 inches.


Number of stitches


The number of stitches is the number of tufts per meter. If 10 stitches / 10cm is used to calculate, it is 100 stitches per meter. For the same needle spacing, the more stitches, the greater the density of the lawn.




Tufted density is an important index of artificial grass, which refers to the number of tufted needles per square meter.


Bottom back


As the name suggests, the bottom back is the bottom of the artificial lawn. Generally, the bottom cloth includes PP, wool, PU, and weaving.


PP bottom: poor binding performance, generally used in leisure grass;


Wool bottom: durable, good corrosion resistance, good adhesion to glue and grass thread, easy to firm, and the price is twice that of PP woven cloth;


Grid bottom: glass, strong grid fiber, and other materials are used to increase the strength of the bottom and the binding force of grass fiber.


Width of cloth


The width is the width of each roll of artificial lawn. Generally, the width of 11 person's standard football field is mainly 4 meters. If it is a 5-person field, it is generally 2 meters.


Roll length


The roll length is the length of each roll of turf. The length of each roll can be flexibly adjusted according to the paving requirements of the site. The built roll length is 20 - 70 meters. If it is an 11-player football field, apart from the buffer zone on both sides, it is about 68 meters, so the roll length of 70 meters is just right.


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