Everything You Need To Know About Hospital Floor

November 24,2021

When the hospital carries out floor decoration, the selected floor materials also have special requirements, which should not only be anti-skid but also be safe. Therefore, there are many aspects that need to be considered for hospital floor. So, what are the materials of the hospital floor? How to choose good quality hospital floor? Next, let's learn about it.


hospital floor


Introduction to hospital floor materials


  1. Oak: oak is more high-grade, fine texture and not easy to absorb water. The solid wood floor made of oak has the stability of mahogany floor, but the price is lower than mahogany floor.


  1. Teak: Teak has the lowest expansion and shrinkage of all wood. Its usability is also very good, and has high corrosion resistance. It is not easy to deform under all kinds of climate. It belongs to the high quality timber in the world. But teak flooring is more expensive.


  1. Ash wood: light color, exaggerated texture and romantic feeling are worth your choice. Good texture, beauty, individuality and artistic atmosphere are the biggest advantages of grey solid wood floor; It feels soft and won't make people feel cold and afraid; Mainly milky white and light pink, very suitable for hospital floor decoration.


What material is good for hospital floor installation?


  1. Solid wood floor is not only a common wood floor in life, but also the ancestor of wood floor. Different solid wood floors are made of different materials, such as oak, birch, walnut and trees. More expensive are cherry, teak, maple, acacia, Sequoia, etc. Prices vary widely.


  1. Solid wood composite floor is improved on the basis of solid wood floor, which can be regarded as an optimized solid wood floor. It has a multi-layer structure. The surface layer, core layer and bottom layer are composed of different materials, of which solid wood accounts for only a part. Generally, sliced veneer is used as the panel, so that the surface texture can be consistent with the solid wood floor and remain the original. The core components are made of wood plywood for durability. It is more durable and stable than solid wood flooring.


What are the characteristics of hospital floor selection?


  1. Safety protection hospital floor injection passivation process, so that the product surface has no pores, so that dirt can not penetrate into the room. The visual treatment of the floor is part of the establishment of the hospital environment. PVC elastic floor has rich colors, and the particle, dot or pattern design makes the color matching layer clear.


  1. The construction quality of the construction industry usually determines the maintenance cost of later use. The professional construction team will test the floor before construction. After passing the inspection, the ground can be polished and vacuumized before construction. The construction without professional training often ignores these construction details, which makes the floor often roll up in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor.


  1. Products of different quality will reflect obvious differences in practical application. Taking wear resistance as an example, wear quality can reduce the daily maintenance frequency of waxing and cleaning and reduce the maintenance cost in the cycle.


How to choose high quality hospital floor?


  1. Look at the core structure, thickness and details of the floor, which is the key. The substrate density of the floor is very strict. Good flooring requires that the substrate density is not too soft or too brittle. Excellent substrate ensures the stability of the floor.


  1. Wear resistance, dirt resistance, fire resistance and water resistance should be considered. In the manufacturing process of wood floor, the surface layer is covered with wear-resistant coating, which is mainly used to resist wear and protect the floor.


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