Maintenance of PVC Plastic Sports Floor

June 23,2022

PVC plastic sports floor is colorful, and has the advantages of anti-bacterial, anti-skid, sound-absorbing, comfortable foot feeling, easy cleaning and so on. So how to maintain our PVC plastic floor?


PVC Plastic Sports Floor


  1. First, clean all the stains on the floor thoroughly. If there is glue or other attachments, gently grind them off with neutral detergent and cloth.


  1. Use a professional floor cleaner (please use it according to the instructions) to sprinkle it on the floor. First, use a waxing machine to grind away the dirt on the floor, then use a dry mop to dry the dirty water, and then use clean water to wipe the floor. (if there is no waxing machine, it can be replaced by other tools, and the dirt shall be carefully worn off).


  1. After the PVC plastic floor is completely dry, pour the water-based wax into the clean dry mop, and evenly coat the wax on the floor.


  1. After waxing the PVC plastic floor, it will take about 20 minutes to allow the floor surface to air dry. After the floor surface is completely dry, you can step on it. You can also use an electric fan to assist in drying to shorten the time. Generally, it takes about several hours after waxing. If a heavy object needs to be moved, it can only be moved after the wax is completely dry, which can ensure the brightness of the floor.
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