Something You Want To Know About Badminton Court

November 19,2021

With the popularity of badminton, there are many badminton enthusiasts in the activity fields of many schools, units or communities. However, with the improvement of everyone's level, everyone has higher and higher requirements for playing, so the rules have become a necessary thing. Therefore, many activity field enthusiasts spontaneously delimit the badminton field and set up a badminton net, set a real international standard. Today, let's learn some information about badminton courts.


badminton court


Badminton court construction method


  • Mobile installation


The floor are bonded together with a supporting special connecting belt. The floor and the ground surface are not bonded. The PVC plastic floor can be rolled up or removed at will to facilitate movement.


  • Fixed installation


Semi fixed type: special double-sided adhesive tape. The floor are bonded together with supporting special double-sided adhesive tape. At the same time, the floor and the ground are also connected and bonded together, which can effectively prevent the floor from moving and slotting due to strenuous exercise, and facilitate the movement of the whole site in the future.


Local bonding: Brush 20cm adhesive inward on the ground based on the edge of the floor.


Full adhesive bonding: apply adhesive on the ground to be laid.


Requirements for construction base course of badminton court


The construction ground base must be clean, durable with high flatness and no cracks. The moisture content of concrete floor shall not exceed 2.5%.


The moisture content of gypsum floor shall not exceed 0.5% before floor laying. After dust removal, the floor can be laid. If the original ground is uneven, a self leveling of about 2mm can also be constructed. If it is non absorbent ground, such as mineral base, stone, ceramic tile, etc., it can be paved directly.


Note: if it is wet ground such as basement, waterproof layer must be made on the floor to isolate water vapor.


Installation steps


  1. The paved ground must be flat and clean.


  1. Before laying the sports floor, it must be spread out in advance and laid on the ground for more than 24 hours, and the site temperature shall not be lower than 15 ℃. After the floor is restored, 5cm shall be reserved at both ends during cutting. Before pasting, roll up about half of the unfolded floor reversely, and then lay the glue - starting from the middle - the glue is constructed with a scraper with teeth.


  1. Arrange according to the number sequence of the floor, align and merge, and pay attention to aligning the field ground wire during the paving process.


  1. Open two adjacent floors along the joint, place the special connecting belt provided by the manufacturer on the lower side of the joint, brush glue on the surface of the connecting belt, first stick one plate to half of the connecting belt, and then stick the other half to the remaining connecting belt, and then close the gap.


  1. It is recommended to use water-soluble glue harmless to human body for construction. When pasting the floor, squeeze the floor surface from the middle to both ends with softwood blocks to make it flat without bubbles, and roll it most thoroughly.


  1. Slotting and welding shall be carried out after the floor is paved and glued, and the welding line shall be leveled after welding.


Precautions for the use of badminton courts


❎Smoking and fireworks are strictly prohibited in the stadium;


❎It is strictly prohibited to use chemical agents such as acid and alkali on the surface of the stadium;


❎Avoid cutting and violent mechanical conflict and friction.


Tip: if the foundation of the site is newly installed solid wood floor or composite laminate floor materials, there may be foundation frying, resulting in deformation of wood floor or laminate floor, and deformation of plastic floor.


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