What Are the Advantages of PVC Flooring?

June 10,2022

In home decoration, people often choose wood flooring, tile to decorate the ground, and in recent years, more and more consumers choose PVC flooring. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of home PVC flooring? And how should we maintain PVC flooring in our daily lives?


The advantages of PVC flooring


PVC flooring


✔️PVC flooring is waterproof and anti-slip


Its surface is composed of high-density special structure, with a simulation of wood pattern appearance, not easy to slip when encountering water, the family has the elderly and children can give priority to the floor.


✔️The flexibility of PVC flooring is good


The flooring is composed of elastic material, it has strong impact resistance and soft and comfortable feet. In addition, its thermal conductivity and warmth is very strong, thermal conductivity only takes a few minutes to dissipate heat evenly, and in winter bare feet will not feel cold.


✔️Special wear-resistant


The surface material of the floor is made of 0.1-0.5mm thickness polymer special material, high wear resistance, and the longest service life of similar brand products. And composite wood flooring thin transparent film or a layer of glaze on the tile, is really more than ever.


How to maintain the PVC floor?




We can choose to use dry mopping or vacuum cleaner and other ways to remove the dust and dirt on the floor in the restricted area of operation. PVC flooring can also choose the way of micro wet mopping to clean, we should pay attention to when cleaning, the floor is not to have water gathered.


✔️Removal of stains


We can spray the diluted neutral cleaner on the floor stain, and then use the nylon cleaning pad to brush the stain away, and finally wipe clean with clean water on it.