What Are the Special Flooring for Dance Studios

May 11,2022

Dance studios are daily practice areas for dancers, and often play a particularly important and essential part in the daily training of dancers. The most important part of the dance studio decoration is the use of flooring.


The flooring is good or bad to determine the efficiency of the dancers when practicing dance as well as safety issues. So that we must pay attention to the selection of materials when choosing the dance studio floor. Different materials have a variety of effects, so what special flooring is available for dance studios?


Dance Studios Flooring


Rubber flooring


Dance studio flooring is more common is the rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is soft, the biggest impact on the dancers is to do the action of safety, especially for the safety of the feet, rubber flooring is softer, more elastic, have a greater cushioning force, reducing the damage to the feet, but also better cleaning, so that the rubber flooring has become one of the special flooring when dancing.


Plastic flooring


Plastic flooring is also a special flooring for the dance studio, because the dance studio floor needs a flat surface, and light texture, environmental protection effect, harmless to the human body. Dance studio air circulation is also very important. And dance studio installed with flooring have a specific size, to choose a relatively soft texture of the floor, easy to install and transport.


Polyvinyl chloride flooring


The last one is the high environmental protection harmless polyvinyl chloride flooring, it does not contain any harmful filler, there is no harm to human body, even the construction does not need to use glue. Quality dance flooring compared to the traditional dance room flooring, not only soft texture, and durable, and coupled with the production process and harsh quality requirements, incomparable stability, can adapt to a variety of complex site environment, with no expansion, no shrinkage, no glue, no bulging, easy to clean and many other characteristics, become the dance floor preferred decoration materials.