What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying Table Tennis Floor?

November 25,2021

Do you want to be a winning general in sports? Do you want to enjoy the hearty sports experience brought by table tennis? So choosing a suitable table tennis floor is undoubtedly what you need to do most. Its performance has a key impact on your sports feeling. What should be paid attention to when purchasing table tennis floor?


table tennis floor


👉Packaging and qualification certificate of research products


Generally speaking, both imported and domestic table tennis floors will be marked in Chinese or both Chinese and English in terms of packaging. You should be extra careful when the packaging is all in English, which is likely to be a "cover up" for businesses to deceive consumers.


👉How about the public reputation


When buying table tennis floor, you should first consult friends who understand the market, and go to experience the floor used in other stadiums, ask for technical indicators and use feelings, and make a scientific comparison. Never choose inferior products for the sake of cheapness, or you will regret it.


👉Floor firmness and comfort


Wuxi Tefa has added 1000D glass fiber reinforcing mesh and special grid cloth fiber reinforcing layer to the table tennis floor structure, which ensures the dimensional stability and firmness of the product during movement, and plays an automatic reinforcing role.


Moreover, the bottom texture of the foaming layer of the table tennis floor is specially designed. The reasonable weight of the floor can discharge the air between the floor and the ground after spreading on the site, combined with the manual ground roller, forming a relative vacuum state, more adhesion and more stability during movement.


👉Is the maintenance simple


From the perspective of maintenance, especially in sports venues, the floor needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently because of the high mobility of personnel and intense sports. Wuxi Tefa's table tennis floor has the ability to eliminate pollution. It can be brushed with clean mop and clean water. Key dirt can be cleaned with neutral detergent. Moreover, the single pore closed shading is treated with astringency, waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial treatment, which has a strong function of self sewage discharge.


👉What is the mute effect


The professional table tennis floor has standard bottom layer thickness, suitable rebound and reasonable shock absorption. It has sound absorption function and good sound insulation effect in sports.


Finally, I would like to remind you once again that mastering the tips of purchase and careful discrimination during purchase can certainly reduce the possibility of being deceived. However, choosing reputable businesses and retaining purchase vouchers are the best means to protect their rights.


Wuxi Tefa is the table tennis floor manufacturer, it adopts the original imported production equipment from France, strictly abides by the international PVC plastic floor production process standards, and the product quality is at the leading level of similar products in the world. You can buy it safely and boldly!