What are the Advantages of Rubber Flooring?

February 25,2022

There are many types of floors, including tile floors, wood floors, and more. But as a new type of environmentally friendly flooring, rubber flooring has always been popular in the market. It is widely used in many school runways. Why is it favored by people? Next, this blog will tell you the advantages of rubber flooring.


Four Merits of the Rubber Flooring

Do you need rubber flooring?


  • Green


Rubber flooring is made of high-quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber, so it does not pollute the environment and is a green product.


  • Super wear-resistant


The color of the rubber flooring is consistent from the inside to the outside, so it can stand the test of time and is durable.


  • Sound absorption


Rubber flooring has super sound absorption properties. It maximizes noise anechoesho absorption. After national level testing, its sound absorption value can reach 13 decibels, which is especially suitable for a quiet working environment.


  • Anti-static


In buildings full of modern equipment, the problem of electrostatic interference is becoming more and more obvious. Many environments, such as electronic instrument workshops, chemical production bases, computer rooms, and power plants, have electrostatic interference. But rubber flooring can effectively dissipate static accumulation, so it is the best floor covering for places that require static protection.


In short, rubber flooring is indeed a good product. It is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. If you have needs for rubber flooring, you can contact us at any time. As experts in the flooring industry, we can give you the best advice and products.