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November 15,2021

Floor options are so diverse that consumers can easily be confused by the abbreviation of product name. Let's talk about vinyl, especially luxury vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular in residential and commercial applications. Vinyl flooring includes LVT, SPC and WPC. Today we will look at what they are and their advantages and disadvantages respectively.


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


What’s LVT?


LVT is short for luxury vinyl tiles, also well known as luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can imitate ceramic tile or stone flooring. Although all LVT are vinyl flooring, not all vinyl flooring are LVT. LVT is a composite product consisting of several layers. Its bottom layer is a "support plate", a flexible base made of PVC to keep it stable. The purpose is to make most LVT "waterproof" rather than "water resistance", because the core layer is often not completely waterproof.


Its top layer is a thin, transparent protective coating, so that the floor has scratch resistance and stain resistance. The thickness of the abrasion layer usually determines the area of use-the thinner is mainly used for residential flooring, and the thicker abrasion layer is used for commercial flooring.


LVT is a more flexible product than other vinyl products on the market because they are unlike vinyl click tiles locked with each other. They are permanently fixed to the bottom floor with adhesive.




Rigid core vinyl flooring is perhaps the most popular vinyl flooring product on the market today. Rigid cores include WPC (wood-plastic composite, or wood polymer cores) or SPC (stone polymer cores). Although the most common designs look like traditional hardwood floors.


Similar to the LVT, the Rigid Core WPC/SPC flooring is composed of multiple layers, so the flooring is suitable for residential, commercial, wet and dry spaces. Its bottom layer is a foam or cork pad, which not only increases the comfort of the soles of the feet, but also absorbs sound. Most importantly, the core floor, as its name suggests, is made from a composite of wood or stone powder and plastic or resin.


LVT Pros:


Cheap and more styles are available


It's cheap LVT is a cost-effective way to make a huge impact on your space, it's much cheaper than traditional hardwoods and offers a similar look and incredible durability. LVT can be made into all kinds of wood and stone, such as walnut and marble, color tiles and so on. Therefore, you have more choices and can get wood floor or stone floor for less money.


It's Versatile To A Point


LVT is waterproof, even more so than laminate flooring. Therefore, it can even be installed in public places, and you don't have to worry about it being damaged.


It's Tuff E 'Nuff


LVT is very durable and has the ability to resist wear, dents and scratches.


But nothing's perfect. Let's look at the Cons of LVT.


LVT Cons:

Uncomfortable smell While your flooring professional good guy will make this easy for you, LVT installation usually requires glue. It takes some time to stick the floor to the bottom layer. When the glue dries, it will leave some smell.




As they're similar products, let's look at the two "PC" options together in terms of pros and cons:


Low cost


Like LVT, WPC/SPC is a cost-effective approach that, although more expensive than standard LVT, can get the persistence look you want within budget.


The appearance


WPC/SPC vinyl flooring has seemingly endless colors and patterns or textures. Provide the look of other materials such as wood and stone, and add splashes of colors or patterns to match a range of styles from traditional to modern


It's Versatile!


Because they are waterproof, WPC/SPC can be installed in damp areas. WPC/SPC can be installed in kitchens, storage rooms, bathrooms and basements.




It can't be refinished and won't suit for everyone, especially if you go to sell your house.


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