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November 13,2021

As we all know, there is a big difference between artistic grass carpet and real lawn. What are the characteristics of artificial grass carpet? In this article, we mainly analyze and introduce several advantages of artistic grass carpet and how to maintain it.


oem artistic grass carpet


The benefits of artistic grass carpet


Cleanliness: Many parents think that there are more bacteria on real lawns. Because children have poor resistance and are not suitable for playing on them, these real lawns are gradually replaced by artistic grass carpets. There are many advantages to laying artistic grass carpets, which are not only safe and hygienic, but also will not become bald and ugly because of trampling.


Multi-purpose: The artistic grass carpet has various colors, is durable and does not fade, and can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is a better choice for sports venues, leisure courtyards, roof gardens and other places.


Laying and maintenance: artistic grass carpet laying has low requirements on foundation, and can be constructed on asphalt and cement with short period. It is especially suitable for the construction of primary and secondary school venues with long training time and high use density. artistic grass carpet is easy to maintain, with good water permeability and special wear resistance.


Excellent physical and chemical properties: After hundreds of thousands of wear tests, the fiber weight of artificial turf only loses 2%-3%. In addition, the tensile force, water permeability and elasticity are very high, and the drainage can be clean about 50 minutes after heavy rain.


It is worth mentioning that all kinds of marking lines of artistic grass carpet sports ground have been formed with white grass seedlings at one time during production. It is an environmental protection product, which does not contain harmful substances and has the function of absorbing noise. Production using a number of modern science and technology, so that the product tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, color fastness, etc. all reached a high level.


How to maintain artistic grass carpet?


  1. Clean up regularly


Regular cleaning is essential for artistic grass carpet sites, especially outdoor sites. As we all know, there are sundries, garbage and other things after competition or training, even leaves, chewing gum, oil stains and other things. If they are not cleaned up, it will affect the beauty of the field, the movement track of the ball in the field and even the injuries of athletes. Over time, some stained things will also cause the service life of artificial grass if they are not cleaned.


  1. Sprinkle water to cool down


As we all know, professional natural grass football fields need to be sprinkled before competition. What's the use of this? This is to ensure that the stadium is elastic, not to make the stadium too hard, to protect athletes, and to make the turf full of water so that the ball can roll smoothly and quickly. In fact, artistic grass carpets also need sprinkling water. The first function is to cool down. The temperature varies in different regions, especially in summer in South China. The weather is very hot, and the surface temperature of artistic grass carpet is relatively high. With the spikes on sports shoes, it is easy to destroy the structure of grass silk, thus greatly shortening the service life of artistic grass carpet. Another function of sprinkling water is to protect athletes. The hardness of artistic grass carpet is greater than that of natural grass, which can easily cause athletes to be scratched or scratched during sports. Sprinkling water can keep the lawn lubricated, which can reduce athletes' injuries.


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