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November 13,2021

The materials of hospital floor have special requirements, and the basic professional requirements are no dust, no dust accumulation, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, fire prevention, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, and easy cleaning. The color should be mild and elegant, and have a calming effect on patients' psychology, so as to alleviate patients' pain and work fatigue of medical staff. So, what materials are good for the hospital floor? How to choose and use these materials well? Let's take a look at it together.


oem hospital floor


What are the materials of hospital flooring?


Hospital floor can be divided into: PVC floor, rubber floor, tile, natural stone and resin floor. In practical application, we should not only consider the characteristics of materials and the beauty of the ground, but also take into account the microscopic changes of the environment. Ordinary ground materials are difficult to meet this requirement.


Selection of floor materials for hospital wards


For the floor of hospital ward, family members come in and out, which requires a certain mute effect, so as to ensure a quiet rest environment for patients. Because most patients are weak, there are certain requirements for anti-skid. In addition, we should also consider whether it is environmentally friendly and safe, so as not to cause secondary harm to patients' health. PVC flooring and rubber flooring is a good choice to meet all the needs of hospital wards for the ground.


Selection of floor materials in hospital operating room


As one of the most important places in hospital, the operating room requires a high degree of antibacterial and bacteriostatic, waterproof and skid-proof, and mute. Because there are many chemicals used in the operating room, the corrosion resistance of floor materials is also essential. In addition, the ground should be flat, easy to clean, dust-free and crack-free, so as to prevent patients from being infected due to environmental problems during the operation. Rubber flooring, PVC anti-static special materials are good choices, which can better protect the safety of patients.


Selection of floor materials for hospital walkways


Hospital walkway is a place with a relatively large flow of people in hospitals, so it is necessary to fully consider its compression resistance, skid resistance and wear resistance, such as repeated pushing and pulling of drug trucks, inconvenient movement of patients, slippery ground or poor wear resistance, which can easily cause unnecessary accidents. Also need to pay attention to whether the floor is waterproof and anti-sunlight, prevent fading and yellowing, and reduce the service life. Microcrystalline stone and marble tiles and other stone flooring is a good choice.


Selection of floor materials in hospital hall


  1. Terrazzo ground


Advantages: high hardness, pressure resistance and heavy load; Fancy and color can be spliced at will; No dust, high cleanliness.


Disadvantages: Easy weathering, easy corrosion, short service life; With the extension of use time, dirt that is difficult to clean will appear; It is not waterproof and has strong permeability.


  1. Floor tiles


Advantages: different patterns can be spliced; Anti-skid, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, waterproof and easy to install; Anticorrosion and many types.


Disadvantages: There is certain radiation, which will affect human health; Easy to be damaged, and the phenomenon of shelling and bulging will appear after using it for a period of time; Dust and some stains are easily adsorbed on floor tiles.


  1. Toughened floor


Have good dustproof and water repellency; Super wear resistance, pressure resistance, heavy load; Non-radiation, non-toxic and flame retardant, reaching A1 fire protection standard; Easy to install and clean, reducing a lot of cleaning burden; Dust and stains will not be adsorbed on the ground; High Mohs hardness, up to 8, weathering resistance.


Principles of hospital floor decoration


Safety and health principles


Hospitals are mostly patients, and falls account for the highest proportion of all safety accidents. Therefore, we try our best to reduce the consequences of patients falling and choose appropriate decoration materials, which can play a very good role. Whether the materials are healthy or not has a vital impact on the health of patients and staff.


Principle of durability and easy maintenance


After the hospital decoration design is completed and started to operate, it can't be decorated again for a long time, so the choice of main materials for hospital decoration needs to be durable. In hospital decoration design, we should consider the operation and maintenance costs after decoration, and choose easy-to-maintain materials, which can reduce the operation costs well.


Principle of comfort and beauty


One of the most fundamental goals of decoration is beauty. On the basis of reasonable budget and without affecting basic functions, choose the most attractive materials, carry out color combination and modeling design, shape a beautiful indoor space environment, and let patients feel relaxed.


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