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November 13,2021

We are experienced flooring supporting having a lot of experience in making flooring ranging from the traditional concrete flooring to the advanced lvt flooring, so well known as lvt vinyl flooring. Today we are going to talk about the factors when we are picking flooring.


oem lvt flooring


  • First of all, talk about the performance, especially the formaldehyde content. The content of compound floor is the highest, about 1.2 mg/m3, and solid wood floor and bamboo floor are better, about 0.6 mg/m3. And PVC glue floor is more complicated, and every manufacturer says it is environmentally friendly. In fact, because of technological problems, several formal brands can really achieve 0 formaldehyde, while small manufacturers, especially domestic products, can't achieve a hot pressing technology, and adhesives are added in the production process, resulting in formaldehyde release.


  • Secondly, consumers have doubts about PVC glue floor used in home decoration, which is mainly caused by a large number of low-end products used in public clothes. Some consumers see these products feel very general, coupled with a large number of domestic wood floor manufacturers to protect their own market, desperately slander home improvement PVC glue floor. Usually said that PVC rubber floor is not good people are mostly wood floor merchants, can't say why PVC rubber floor is not good, just say not good, or commercial PVC rubber floor for reasons that can't be used at home.


In fact, when domestic consumers pursue solid wood composite flooring, countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have turned to the use of family-specific PVC floor rubber board. Because, PVC floor rubber board, especially the performance of PVC floor rubber board for home improvement is much higher than that of traditional wooden floor. For example, dimensional stability, if you put the products of regular manufacturers in the microwave oven, the size will not change.


If the local can have foreign first-line brand dealers, it is recommended that buyers install PVC flooring, if there is no recommendation to buy solid wood flooring or bamboo flooring. Composite flooring, solid wood composite, etc. are not recommended (especially if there are children and the elderly at home)


Select the material of flooring


1: PVC floor, the main material is PVC, which is the disposable meal we see on weekdays. The infusion tube for medical treatment is the same material. These are the safest materials for human body. Therefore, there is no formaldehyde, VOC and no radiation.



2: Solid wood floor, its own material is environmentally friendly, the main source of formaldehyde comes from the surface paint (topcoat and primer), with a small amount of formaldehyde.



3: Composite flooring (reinforced composite, solid wood composite) such as lvt flooring, composite flooring is broken wood + glue + cement, and a layer of wood veneer is added to the surface. So the formaldehyde content is the highest.


The generation of radiation is caused by natural magnetic field or electric field. Therefore, marble and ceramic tiles have the strongest radiation, and solid wood floors have a small part. PVC floor and composite floor have no radiation.


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