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November 04,2021

PVC dance flooring is designed according to the characteristics of dance, you can also call PVC dance flooring PVC dance floor glue or dance floor glue board. Choosing PVC dance flooring has a certain protective effect on the dancing personnel.


wholesale oem PVC dance flooring supplier


Advantages of PVC dance floor

  1. Stability

The PVC dance floor product is composed of 100% pure soft PVC high-quality material, which ensures the dimensional stability and firmness of this product during exercise, and plays a role of automatic reinforcement.


  1. Comfort

The surface of the PVC dance floor has been specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It will not absorb or reflect glare, and it can better protect the dancer’s eyes from fatigue during exercise.


  1. Durability and wear resistance

The PVC dance room floor glue is made of 100% pure and soft polyvinyl chloride high-quality material, and the surface layer is treated with special high-environmental high-tech material TPU technology, and has the best durability and abrasion resistance, thereby increasing the service life of the floor.


  1. Non-slip and durable dance plastic floor

The dance room is a place for dancing. There are many people dancing on it every day. According to the dancer's body and the practicality of the floor, the anti-skid durability of the floor is one of the important factors that need to be considered. The anti-skid performance of the dance-specific plastic floor is very good. The most important thing is that the water on it will not slide, on the contrary, it will increase its conflict. Although people dance on it every day, it has a long life span, which is why many dance studios choose it.


  1. Various installation methods

There are two installation methods for PVC dance room floor glue: ⑴movable type ⑵fully fixed type. We install it according to the customer's requirements for the use of dance venues.


  1. Easy to maintain

The surface layer of professional PVC dance floor glue has the ability to eliminate external pollution, such as surface pollution, just use a clean mop and clean water to scrub it.


  1. Good sound absorption and matte performance

Professional PVC dance floor standard bottom thickness, coupled with suitable resilience and reasonable shock absorption, has the function of sound absorption during sports, and the sound insulation effect is good.


Why choose environmentally friendly dance flooring?

When dancers are dancing, the pores of the whole body are opened due to sweating. In addition, they wear less clothes and are often more sensitive to harmful substances. In this way, dance floor glue is naturally the more environmentally friendly, the better. If the formaldehyde content can be controlled to a lower level, then the health of the dancers will be more assured.


Experts have confirmed that the way of hanging green plants and live charcoal packs has little effect on removing formaldehyde, and the way of opening windows for ventilation often takes less time. Since the dance room does not require much complicated decoration, it is better to use the larger dance floor.


Where can I buy PVC dance flooring?

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