wholesale oem anti static flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 13,2021

With the development of society, there are many types and materials of flooring on the market. Among them, anti static flooring is a very popular flooring material, so what is anti static flooring? What are its advantages?


The Introduction of the Anti Static Flooring


wholesale oem anti static flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer


Anti static flooring is also one of many floors. It adds conductive materials during its manufacturing process. But when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the surface generates electrostatic charge due to friction or other reasons, which can dissipate the charge and effectively avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charge.


Anti static flooring can effectively protect the electronic equipment in the computer room to prevent it from being damaged. At the same time, since the anti-static floor has a variety of patterns, it can make the whole room look more high-quality, clean and beautiful.


The Application of the Anti Static Flooring


  • Sector industry


Anti static flooring is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, TV transmitter control room, broadcast control room and central control Room etc.


  • Microelectronics Industry


Anti static flooring has a wide range of applications in the production of microelectronics industry. It mainly controls the damage of electrostatic discharge to computer communications, various electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices, and prevents internal damage to computer memory and electronic equipment.


  • Other applications


Anti static flooring is used in flammable and explosive places, petrochemical workshops, hospital operating rooms, anesthesia rooms and other places with anti-static requirements.


The Advantages of the Anti Static Flooring


  1. Protect home appliances


Everyone knows that the human body has static electricity, and it will generate static electricity during the walking process. Now there are so many electronic products in the home, when the static electricity reaches a certain amount, it will cause damage to home appliances. Using Anti static flooring, the generated static electricity can be introduced into the ground, and home appliances can be protected.


  1. Beautiful and generous


Because there is a certain distance between the anti static flooring and the ground, the wires of the electronic equipment can be hidden, and this design can beautify the home environment.


  1. Safe

Anti static flooring is non-conductive, and resistant to high temperature and heat. If there is an accident in the home such as leakage or fire, it can reduce the speed of transmission, so as to provide more time for our escape.


The key advantage of anti static flooring is that it can prevent static electricity from destroying electronic equipment. It leads the static electricity generated in the equipment room into the ground, and finally prevents the negative consequences caused by static electricity. In fact, this is why people like anti static flooring so much.


In short, compared with other floors, anti static flooring has many excellent advantages. If you are looking for a wholesale oem anti static flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.