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November 15,2021

The appearance and performance of the artificial lawn is very similar to that of the real grass. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance and simple maintenance. Artificial lawn is used in outdoor sites, exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, with high frequency of use and complex and diverse environment, which will always have some impact on it! So what are the principles of artificial lawn maintenance? How to renovate after damage?


artificial lawn grass


Maintenance principle


Principle 1: it is necessary to keep the artificial lawn clean


Generally, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be cleaned deliberately, and natural rain can play a washing role. However, as a sports ground, such an ideal state is rare, so it is necessary to clean up all kinds of residues on the lawn in time, such as paper scraps, melon and fruit drinks, etc. The lightweight garbage can be solved with a vacuum cleaner, the larger ones can be removed with a brush, and the stain treatment needs to use the liquid agent of the corresponding component and wash it with water quickly, but do not use the detergent at will.


Principle 2: fireworks will cause lawn damage and potential safety hazards


Although most man-made lawns now have flame retardant function, it is inevitable to encounter inferior sites with poor performance and hidden safety hazards. In addition, although the artificial lawn will not burn when exposed to the fire source, there is no doubt that the high temperature, especially the open fire, will melt the grass silk and cause damage to the site.


Principle 3: the pressure per unit area should be controlled


Vehicles are not allowed to pass on the artificial lawn, and parking and stacking of goods are not allowed. Although artificial lawn has its own uprightness and resilience, it will crush the grass silk if its burden is too heavy or too long. The artificial lawn field cannot carry out sports that require the use of sharp sports equipment such as javelin. Long spiked shoes can not be worn in football matches. Round spiked broken spiked shoes can be used instead, and high-heeled shoes are not allowed to enter the field.


Principle 4: control the use frequency


Although man-made lawn can be used with high frequency, it can not bear high-intensity sports indefinitely. Depending on the use, especially after intense sports, the site still needs a certain rest time. For example, the average man-made lawn football field should not have more than four official games a week.


In fact, repairing artificial lawn is not easier than making new artificial lawn. What problems and precautions will be encountered in the renovation of an old artificial lawn?




  1. The renovation of artificial lawnsite needs to dismantle the old artificial lawn and replace it with a new artificial lawn. One step is to dismantle the artificial lawn, which is a key link. In the process of removing the artificial lawn, the first thing to pay attention to is not to destroy (eradicate) the original artificial lawn foundation. The artificial lawn foundation is generally made of cement, asphalt or other lime soil cushion. In the process of installation, the artificial lawn is bonded to the ground or joint belt and non-woven fabric through adhesive. In the process of removing the artificial lawn, Use tools to remove the artificial lawn and bonding layer, and do not damage the artificial lawn foundation to be bumpy.


  1. In addition, the demolished waste materials are in tons, so youshould be fully considered in the quotation process. When many novices go to see the site, they see that the artificial lawn of the site is nearly bald, thinking that there will be less garbage to be transported and cleaned, which is not the case. Because the amount of particles and quartz sand filled when building a new artificial lawn is basically the same, take a standard football field as an example, the filled quartz sand is about 200 tons, so it is a huge waste cleaning work, so it must be fully considered when making the budget.


  1. The oldquartz sand and rubber particles transported and cleaned on the artificial lawn can not be used. After many years of use, these old materials have long lost their inherent performance, mixed with a lot of dust and other garbage and dirty things, and have no safety performance.


  1. Before paving a new artificial lawn, the site must be cleaned first. If possible, it is better to wash it with water, clean the floating soil and dust on the site, and then further start paving artificial lawn.


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