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November 05,2021

Now badminton venues can be seen everywhere in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The current badminton court flooring makes badminton more relaxed and labor-saving, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because of its good elasticity, which will effectively reduce the probability of injury during badminton.


badminton court flooring


Our common PVC badminton field glue is divided into litchi grain, crystal sand grain, gem grain, maple grain and so on. What is the difference between them in terms of economy, durability and environmental protection?




  • Litchi pattern


Litchi pattern is a common badminton PVC court flooring glue. Litchi pattern sports floor can be seen in almost all badminton courts. It is widely used because of its economy, mature and stable products and high anti-skid coefficient. The common thicknesses of litchi pattern PVC floor glue are 3.5mm and 4.5mm.


  • Crystal sand


The crystal sand rubber surface layer adopts sand grain, which is disorderly combined with concave convex micro particles on the surface of the product surface layer, which can effectively increase the friction of the rubber surface and decompose the sweat falling on the floor. Crystal sand belongs to medium and high-end products. Compared with ordinary products, first, the cost is high, and second, it is difficult to clean and maintain. The conventional thickness is 4.5mm, and other thicknesses can be customized.


  • Gem pattern


The interior of the gem pattern PVC floor adopts glass fiber non-woven fabric and two-way polyester grid stabilizing layer, which effectively ensures that the floor is not easy to stretch, deform and blister, the surface texture is easy to clean, the color is rich and colorful, and the surface matte will not affect the movement effect due to the reflection of sunlight and light. It is a medium and high-end product with added stable layer grid. It is generally selected for commercial badminton courts. The conventional thickness is 4.5mm, and other thicknesses can be customized.


  • Maple grain


On the surface, it looks similar to the real wood sports floor of maple, but it is completely different from the real wood sports floor of maple. Maple PVC sports floor can be said to be a substitute for the real wood floor, but it does not mean to completely replace it, but the price of Maple PVC sports floor is much more favorable than that of maple floor, and it is more suitable for its sports coefficient, and can be improved according to the characteristics of our movement. Therefore, maple PVC sports floor is the first choice for many businesses who want to make wooden floor sports venues but lack of funds. The conventional thickness is 4.5mm, and other thicknesses can be customized.


How to maintain the badminton court flooring?


  1. Sand and stone protection: place a sand and stone protection mat at the door of the room and hall where the assembled sports floor is used to prevent the sand and stone from being brought into the room by shoes and scratching the floor surface.


  1. Article handling protection: when handling articles, especially those with sharp metal at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent injury to the floor.


  1. Fireworks protection: do not put burning cigarette butts and high-temperature metal objects directly on the floor to prevent floor injury.


  1. Chemical protection: avoid a large amount of water staying on the floor surface for a long time.If soak the floor with water for a long time and the quality of the floor is poor and the water absorption is high, it will easily make the floor expand. After the rain, the assembled floor will be dried, and the edges of these floors with quality problems will rise, and the surface of the assembled floor is easy to bubble or peel, makes it unusable.


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