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November 05,2021

Gone are the days of traditional cement floor, there are so many kinds of floor available for people to choose which range from ceramic tiles, wood floor and vinyl floor especial for hospital. As the most advanced floor, vinyl floor has a similar quality and appearance of high end floor but a lower price. Let’s have a look at commercial PVC vinyl flooring for hospital.


commercial PVC vinyl flooring for hospital


what is vinyl flooring?


Vinyl is made from a mix of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as well as plasticizers. Because wood is not utilized in its manufacture, practically it is ruled out as a kind of timber floor covering. Plastic floor covering can be found in a variety of shades and patterns to suit various decoration. It is available in numerous styles, including styles that resemble the lifelike appearance of hardwood and rock flooring. Aesthetically, it can be hard to tell the difference between a vinyl product and a genuine wood or rock material.


Is vinyl waterproof?


Vinyl is similar to laminate material, but has better specifications-most notably. Vinyl has a good performance in water resistance while laminate flooring absorbs water. Due to its strong and water resistant property, Vinyl flooring would be the best choice for damp places such as lab, bathrooms, kitchens and hospital.


How to clean commercial PVC vinyl flooring?


Step 1: Sweep the PVC vinyl flooring


The first step is to sweep the garbage and dusts on the flooring by vacuum cleaner machine or manually!


Step 2: Mop the floor with water


It would be more efficiency by mopping the flooring with a scrubbing solution and plain water. But keep in mind that don’t make your mop too wet since too much water absorbed on the mop may destroy the glue of PVC vinyl flooring. Therefore after cleaning your mop, you have to make your mop as dry as possible to get rid of excess water.


Tip: How often should we mop our floors?


It depends on how much your room is. Take high-traffic areas for example such as our living room, kitchen and bathrooms, you had better do the cleaning once a week so as to keep your room clean and neat. And for low-traffic areas such as guest rooms, you could do cleaning every other week or once a month.


Step 3 (if required): Mop the floor and let it dry


If you’ve done Steps 1 and 2, the last step would be to mop the floor again! This step is similar to  Step 2. This helps to remove any leftover residue from the use of cleaners and other products. It’s crucial as soap scum leaves a coating that accumulates dirt.


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