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November 13,2021

At present, an esd floor on the market is loved by the decoration of large computer rooms, electronic equipment centers and other projects, so there are many esd floor brands on the market. However, because some bad businesses are only greedy for profit, a large number of low-quality and unqualified esd floors appear in the market, So as consumers, how to identify these inferior esd floors?


esd flooring


Look at the thickness


Inferior esd floors generally cheat on the thickness of the floor and cut corners on the standard thickness. Take the all steel esd floor for example, the standard steel plate thickness is 1 thick, while the steel plate thickness of inferior esd floor is only 0.3 thick. Although it does save a lot of costs, the bearing capacity of this thickness can not meet the standard. The end result is a cracked floor.


Look at the accessories


The important accessory of the esd floor is the beam. This kind of auxiliary material is an important auxiliary material to maintain the normal use of the esd floor. Some bad businesses will cut corners on the beam. As a result, the beam is too soft, causing the esd floor to tilt up around and concave in the middle, seriously causing the floor to collapse and fracture.


See esd performance


Why is the esd floor called this name? Because it can effectively prevent the harm of static electricity to electronic products, its core function is esd. The resistance standard of the esd system of the esd floor veneer is required to reach 1 * 106-1 * 109 ohms. Many low-quality esd floors can't reach this standard, that is, they don't have the effect of esd. Therefore, this indicator must be optimistic when purchasing.


Construction steps of esd floor


  • Preparation before construction


The first step is to complete the preparation. No matter what work is done, the preparation task is particularly important. At this time, we will understand the schematic diagram of the whole site and arrange the next things according to the specific situation, such as making a reasonable plan for raw materials, checking whether the raw materials are consistent with those in the contract, and also having some tools used in construction. For example, cutting machines, hardware, etc. Finally, the surface of the blank room should be treated to keep the ground clean and consistent.


  • Construction in progress


The second step is to operate, which is the most critical step. First, install the keel on the ground. When installing the keel, we should always keep the keel perpendicular to the ground with the help of a level ruler. After fixing the keel, we need to place an esd floor board, although the surface of this floor is the same, However, in order to make the laying effect better, we'd better keep each floor consistent, which will be more perfect. When it is laid in the corner, we will also cut large pieces of floor with the help of cutting machine and assemble them reasonably.


  • After construction


After laying, the next thing to do is edge banding. At this time, it needs to be fixed. A variety of hardware parts are used, including electric drill. The edge banding strip can play a superior waterproof fixing effect, so we should pay more attention to this step. When all the above work is completed, the task will be completed, then clean up the site and there will be no problem.


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