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November 05,2021

PVC Floor has had a significant impact on the construction industry since investing in production around 1930. By about 1950, PVC floor had become a major competitor to other resilient flooring and the most cost-effective choice for waterproof flooring in home bathrooms and kitchens. Today, PVC flooring is popular not only in home design, but also in commercial Spaces with high traffic. So what exactly is PVC floor?


homogeneous hospital PVC floor


What’s homogeneous PVC floor especially for hospital?


It refers to a floor combined with fiberglass, PVC and plasticizer. And thanks to its multiple layers of different materials, the vinyl floor is durable and comfortable. After nearly 100 years of manufacturing, development and redesign, PVC floor is now thicker than it used to be, which means it has a better performance in moisture and water resistance.


The pros and cons of homogeneous PVC floor especially for hospital


  • It has a good bearing capacity. The biggest advantage of this floor is its strong endurance capacity. You hardly recognize the distinction between homogeneous PVC floor and high-end floor since the appearance of the two is the same. But homogeneous PVC floor sells much cheaper than high end floor as the price of PVC floor is lower than $5 per square foot.


  • Broader color selection: All sorts of color of PVC flooring is available, making it adaptable and easy to fit into almost any decoration.


  • Quick and easy installation: available in bricks and planks, as well as sheets, is easy to install. Floor tiles are usually in 12-inch squares, so they are easy to handle and both tiles and planks are often manufactured with a "peel, stick" backing, which means they are easy for owners to put down themselves (save money for professional installation).


  • Good moisture resistance: PVC floor is completely waterproof, so it can be used almost anywhere in the home, including the main level, upper level and below. It works especially in bathrooms and kitchens, where water often ends up on the floor.


  • Easy to clean: Water only needs to be on the surface of the bead, so it is easy to mop up. In addition, regular sweeping and occasional wet mopping are all that is needed to keep a rubber floor clean and bright.


  • Durability: Most PVC floor has a "wear layer" (sometimes up to three) on the vinyl itself, so it tolerates normal traffic wear.


  • Comfortable: PVC floor is a "bouncy" floor, which means its texture is soft with a little "give" when you walk on it, making it a good work platform you can stand on for hours.


However, it has so many downsides since everything has two sides.


  • Unfriendly to environment: It is extracted from petroleum so from an environmental point of view, it is not a environmental friendly product since it consumes a lot of oil which belongs to a non-renewable resource.


  • Color fading: PVC floor will not stand up, and the pattern and color of the vinyl flooring will begin to fade under prolonged exposure to the sun due to ultraviolet radiation.


In conclusion


After learning the pros and cons of homogeneous hospital PVC floor, it is indeed a kind of economical floor with high quality and lower price though it has some downsides. It still the most competitive floor at these days.


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