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November 04,2021

People always hope to buy the product with the best quality and low price when decorating their new house, but it will spend a lot of manpower and material resources to compare the advantages and disadvantages of all sorts of home decoration materials on market. Therefore, in order to select the most economical products, we will compare homogeneous tiles and vinyl flooring, and we call this behaviour homogeneous vinyl flooring tile.


OEM homogeneous vinyl flooring tile


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Newly designed vinyl tiles tend to shake the leading position of the classic homogeneous floor tiles since vinyl tiles boast a strong ability along with its interlocking installation technology. And this is the main reason why the newly designed vinyl tiles become popular.


Quality vinyl flooring tiles come equipped with high slip-resistance and have a greater load tolerance. As such, they are recommended for flooring in residential as well as commercial areas, where walk-in-traffic is heavy. On the other hand, homogeneous tiles are recommended mainly for residential purposes in Singapore.




Would you like to replace the floor in your home in the future? Then vinyl flooring, such as Eco Protect Resilient Flooring Orchid +, is ideal because it can simply cover and stick to your existing flooring. Certain vinyl flooring products are easy to be paved as well as replaced because the step of using adhesives is saved in the process of installation. Compared with vinyl flooring homogeneous tiles require more steps during the installation. It requires to remove all of the former floors and then pave them with cement or sand. Therefore, in terms of flexibility, vinyl tiles are a better floor choice.


What the most important is that the new range of vinyl flooring products has gone beyond their popular wood exterior style with a wide range of designs. They also have designs that look very similar to homogeneous tiles and stone tiles. Of course, although vinyl tiles may have some similar properties to homogeneous tiles, they are relatively better commercially graded for performance and flexible use.



Finally, whether you choose to install vinyl flooring or homogeneous tiles, the most important thing is to find a reliable flooring contractor to do the job!


You had better look at their portfolio and look at their past flooring projects. Ask them what they think of the final product, because different houses have different types of floor plans. After all, good workmanship is the foundation of lasting flooring in your place.




Between homogeneous tiles and vinyl flooring, which is cheaper and easier to maintain? Homogeneous ceramic tiles adopt self-cleaning and antibacterial technology. Some tiles also have four surfaces-smooth matte, polished, rough structure and ribs. At the end of the day, the ease of maintaining tiles is reduced to the type you choose.


If you are buying high-quality tiles, look forward to an impressive anti-sewage flat. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain and clean. It doesn't have much surface like homogeneous tiles, so it doesn't have much complexity.


Therefore when it comes to maintenance, both tiles and vinyl flooring are good options.


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