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November 13,2021

In the design process of modern hospitals, hospital flooring materials have become a very important part of the interior decoration of hospital buildings. In recent years, PVC hospital flooring has stood out among many floor materials and has gradually become the first choice for hospitals. So what are the advantages of PVC hospital flooring?


The Advantages of the PVC Hospital Flooring


wholesale oem hospital flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer


  1. Simple and fast paving


PVC hospital flooring is installed without any dust, and the paving process is simple and fast, so as to avoid pollution to the decorated hospital. However, hard materials will produce a lot of dust when laying. And its laying process is complicated and time-consuming, which inevitably causes different degrees of pollution to the hospital.


  1. Acid and alkali resistance


PVC hospital flooring adopts a passivation process to make the surface of the product free of pores, so that dirt cannot penetrate into the interior of the floor. PVC hospital flooring has introduced the surface treatment process of PU/PUR. It has excellent resistance to acid, alkali, iodine and other chemical reagents, which greatly reduces the labor and economic costs of daily cleaning and maintenance of the hospital.


  1. Reduce the proportion of injuries:


PVC hospital flooring uses reasonable friction coefficient and cushioning effect to subtly disperse people's walking pressure and has certain shock absorption performance, which greatly improves the anti-skid function of the ground. The surfaces of granite, terrazzo, and floor tiles are hard and smooth, making it easy for pedestrians to slip.


According to the latest data, the hard stone floor will increase the pain after a fall. When the flow of people is large, PVC hospital flooring can reduce the proportion of injuries, and some PVC hospital flooring can effectively reduce sports injuries.


  1. Sound insulation and noise reduction:


  PVC plastic floor also has a special function of sound insulation and noise reduction, which can isolate 20dB of noise and help the hospital maintain a quiet medical environment. (The ward is the largest amount of floor materials used in the entire hospital. Reducing the noise in the ward environment is of great help to the rehabilitation of patients.)


  1. Fire prevention:


PVC hospital flooring has good fire resistance. PVC plastic is a non-flammable plastic. In addition, PVC plastic itself has flame-retardant and self-extinguishing properties, so it has excellent fire resistance.


  1. Light weight and easy to carry


As a new type of light floor material, PVC hospital flooring is light in weight, which effectively reduces the load on the building. PVC floor material is suitable for high-rise buildings with three floors or more, which can effectively reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building, ensuring safety and convenient transportation.


  1. Brilliant colors


The colorful PVC hospital flooring can fully meet the design concepts and requirements of different functional areas in the hospital.


  1. Not easy to deform


PVC hospital flooring has good dimensional stability and will not be deformed by temperature and humidity.


  1. Environmental protection


PVC hospital flooring is green and environmentally friendly. It can inhibit the adhesion and growth of bacteria and meet the strict standards of hospitals. The seamless connection has the effect of preventing moisture and dust.


In a word, PVC hospital flooring has many advantages compared with other floor materials. We are the wholesale oem hospital flooring factory, supplier, and manufacturer. Any interests, welcome to contact us.