wholesale oem kings of luxury vinyl plank flooring supplier,manufacturer,factory

November 05,2021

There are many types and styles of flooring. But c has always been a popular choice for flooring, and it still accounts for about 15% of annual flooring expenditures in the United States. So, why is luxury vinyl plank flooring so popular? What are the advantages? Today this article will mainly introduce luxury vinyl plank flooring, I hope it will be helpful to your floor selection.


What is the Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?


wholesale oem kings of luxury vinyl plank flooring supplier,manufacturer,factory


As a floor material, vinyl is a combination of synthetic materials such as glass fiber, polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Also because it is composed of multiple layers of different materials, vinyl flooring is not only durable but also comfortable. After nearly 100 years of production, development and redesign, the current luxury vinyl plank flooring is thicker than in the past, which means that its moisture resistance and water resistance have become stronger.


Since investment and production began around 1930, luxury vinyl plank flooring has begun to have an important impact on the construction industry. Around 1950, vinyl plank flooring became the main competitor of other resilient flooring and became the most cost-effective waterproof flooring choice in places such as bathrooms and kitchens. Today, luxury vinyl plank flooring is not only popular in home design, but also widely used in commercial spaces.


  • Water resistant


When you have actually obtained people walking in and out with damp shoes or kids spilling their drinks, it is very important to have floor covering that can tackle its share of water. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is understood for being made with 100% waterproof products that are able to endure water immersion as well as can be dried and also reused without damage. This makes it the excellent floor covering for bathrooms or damp locations like basements.




  • Durable


Luxury vinyl plank flooring gives a difficult surface that can take care of normal traffic and also rough wear and tear. It normally features a safety layer that's immune to damaging, messing up, chipping or fracturing. The combination of durability and low-maintenance treatment causes better strength. It is typically made to resist heavy damage, fire and also wetness, and also supplies a high level of efficiency throughout a 25 to 30-year life expectancy. Consequently, it's a prominent choice for high-traffic locations like kitchens, utility room, washrooms and throughout your house.



  • Cost effective

Regardless of the word "luxury" in its name, the luxury vinyl plank flooring design is an inexpensive choice to several others. It offers exceptional worth thanks to a lasting life span. This is particularly real for thicker luxury vinyl plank flooring that contains a considerable protective wear layer. This floor covering style usually costs less than various other preferred selections like ceramic floor tile or wood floor covering, making it a wise option for those on a budget.


Because luxury vinyl plank flooring has the above-mentioned advantages, it is popular and widely used in different places. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale oem kings of luxury vinyl plank flooring supplier, manufacturer, factory, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.