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November 15,2021

Greening makes our living environment more beautiful. We all know that there are many classifications for greening, such as using artificial lawn for decoration in our own home, so that our home will be green. However, in addition to using artificial lawns for greening in our own homes, artificial lawns will also be used for greening on both sides of the highway. Many people will not understand why not use natural lawn to greening both sides of the road? Next, let's look at it in detail!


landscape artificial grass


In fact, there are some foundation sections that are difficult to plant natural grass, whether on expressway or ordinary sections. However, in such sections, it is difficult to use natural grass for greening, while landscape artificial grass does not need any growth environment, and can be paved on any section. The use of landscape artificial grass for paving increases the greening area of the city and roads, and becomes a beautiful landscape of urban greening.


Landscape artificial grass can be placed on sidewalks and other roads for greening. The use of landscape artificial grass for road greening has the following three functions:




  • Decoration and embellishment


Landscape artificial grass has a simple and beautiful appearance, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, has the function of decoration and embellishment, and beautifies our environment.


  • Guardrail and sign function


Landscape artificial grass is a natural green, which plays a role of guardrail and line of sight in road planning, and can also bring green to people.


  • Environmental protection function


The landscape artificial grass material has the function of environmental protection after physical high-temperature treatment, and will not have any impact on the environment.




  1. Landscape artificial grasshas a high qualification rate and will never produce inferior artificial grass. The delivery speed is very fast, and the order is completed within the specified time.


  1. The quality of landscape artificial grassis strictly controlled in the production process, and there are inspectors in each process.


  1. Produce landscape artificial grassaccording to relevant national standards.


  1. Landscape artificial grassis produced according to specifications due to its raw materials and auxiliary materials, so the quality of landscape artificial grass is relatively high in the same industry. Moreover, the service life of landscape artificial grass is longer.


  1. In addition, compared with natural grass, landscape artificial grassfor road greening has short construction cycle and easy maintenance. And the maintenance cost is low, which is unmatched by natural grass.


These are some advantages of landscape artificial grass for road greening. In fact, these are not possessed by natural grass. The development of landscape artificial grass has experienced the previous initial stage, development stage and mature stage. Now, the production technology of landscape artificial grass has been perfected and can be used in various greening projects on a large scale.


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