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November 04,2021

If the artificial lawn is not properly maintained, it will quickly lose its function. Therefore, Wuxi Tefa Decoration, a wholesale oem lawn artificial supplier, manufacturer, factory in China, brings you the most complete guide on how to care for artificial lawn.


lawn artificial care guide


Artificial turf maintenance

Within six to eight weeks after the artificial turf is paved, the artificial lawn needs to be cleaned every week, and the gravel should be swept evenly to ensure that the grass stems stand upright and the gravel is even. The purpose is to maintain the height of the gravel at the level of 18-20 mm; The sky is forbidden to step on immediately, and the floating snow on the surface must be cleaned before use; the lawn artificial should be rinsed with clean water between 3 to 6 months after use to maintain its original color, so that the quartz sand can settle properly and protect the lawn stably.


We must first ensure the basic requirements of synthetic grass 

  • Maintain the site tidy
  • Set up "No Smoking cigarettes" indications around the grass
  • Carry out not go into the sports field along with motor vehicles as well as hefty objects
  • Decrease the number of cleanings and also stay away from cleansing at high temperatures
  • Set up sufficient trash bins
  • Command using the location
  • Repair small problems in time


Artificial turf cleaning and maintenance

  • After the game, make use of a hoover to clean paper, nutshells and other fragments on the synthetic grass eventually.
  • Utilize an exclusive brush to comb the artifical lawn every 2 weeks to get rid of dirt as well as leaves behind and other fragments on the grass.
  • After month-to-month or constant competitors, make use of an unique rake to focus the quarta movement sand or rubber grains of the artificial turf once.
  • The dirt on the artificial turf will definitely be removed when it rainfalls, or even cleaned by hand.
    When the summertime is actually scorching, you may sprinkle the synthetic grass with water to cool to maintain the athletes cool down as well as comfortable.


Removal of lawn artificial stains

  • For "watered-down" blemishes including extract, dairy, gelato, blood stream blemishes, and so on, initial scrub with foaming water, and afterwards thoroughly rinse the soapy water along with tidy water; if needed, use a strong absorptive towel to dry it.
  • Footwear polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint marker oil, and so on, could be cleaned with a sponge soaked in perchloroethylene, as well as dried along with a towel with tough adsorption.
  • For paraffin, tar as well as asphalt, wipe vigorously or even clean along with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.
  • The acetone clean may wipe the sticky nail polish.
  • Coatings, finishings, etc can be sterilized along with turpentine or even paint cleaner and water. Rinse the soap with cold water and also wipe intensely, as well as wipe along with a sponge plunged in perchloroethylene.
  • Munching periodontal can be shot in to little pieces along with Freon before taking out the remains.
    Fungi or even mildew may be poured into water along with 1% hydrogen peroxide, and carefully taken in water after rubbing.
  • whole entire turf is actually destroyed, torn, shed, and so on. For major fixings, the paving provider ought to be gotten in touch with in time.



Synthetic grass inspection and repair

  1. Check carefully whether the stitching of the artificial lawn is loose, and whether the bottom of the entire turf is damaged, torn, burned, etc. For major repairs, the paving company should be contacted in time.
  2. The washing as well as cleansing of massive storm will certainly create a small amount of loss of synthetic grass dental filling. The location to become packed could be sprinkled along with quartz sand and also rubber fragments, and also swept in to the turf fully.



  • Cigarette smoking, setting off rockets and also assembly in the synthetic grass field;
  • Tossing chewing gum tissue, strip snack foods, fruit extract drinks, oil discolorations, and so on in the artificial turf field;
  • Vehicles and also massive items enter into the synthetic grass field;
  • Usage incorrect shoes or sporting activities devices including spikes, javelins, etc on the synthetic grass;
  • Make use of chemical cleaners, herbicides or even insecticides on artificial turf;
  • It is prohibited to push heavy things on the yard for a very long time;
  • It is forbidden to purposely trigger the boundary of artificial turf;
  • Shot put, javelin, discus or even other high-falling sports are actually prohibited on the grass
    The artificial turf sporting activities industry is actually merely used for athletics classes and athletes' instruction and also competitions, and also not for various other functions. You must wear expert sporting activities shoes to enter into the area.


Please maintain Lawn Artificial in accordance with the above requirements. Hope they can help you.