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November 15,2021

Nowadays, for pharmaceutical flooring, PVC floors are widely used in most hospitals. PVC floors have a variety of colors and design graphics such as classic ceramic colors, elegant wood patterns, natural tones of granite, etc., which have a positive effect on the patient’s mood. High-quality sound insulation and heat insulation are the best choice for hospital construction. How to choose pharmaceutical flooring? As a wholesale oem pharmaceutical flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer, we will give you some answers.


pharmaceutical flooring


Why choose PVC floor as pharmaceutical flooring?




The PVC floor adopts a special production process to make the surface of the product without air holes, so that the dirt cannot penetrate into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment to prevent microorganisms from multiplying inside and outside the floor.


The PVC floor adopts a multi-layer structure, uses a reasonable coefficient of friction, and cleverly distributes walking pressure and shock absorption performance to ensure walking safety. The structural design of the wear-resistant layer on the top layer highlights the advantages of the multi-layer structure. The glass fiber reinforcement layer is included to ensure the long-term stability of the size and ensure that the floor is not deformed or damaged. At the same time, the elastic buffer of the foamed layer structure can avoid the abrasion caused by the patient's fall. With good practicability and high cost performance, it is especially suitable for large-area application areas in halls and corridors.


🔹Vision therapy


The floor is a part of the construction of the hospital environment. The PVC elastic floor is rich in colors, and the design of particles, spots or patterns makes the color matching distinct.


For example, in the children's ward, the clever color matching of the PVC floor virtually eliminates children's resistance to the hospital and plays a role of "visual therapy". PVC flooring is widely used in foreign hospitals, which has a variety of colors and design graphics such as classic ceramic colors, elegant wood patterns, and natural tones of granite. Its patented round edge design can be used on the edges and corners of the ground, and it is also suitable for round ground, with unlimited space for play. At the same time, it has coiled material and easy-to-lay elastic block material. Its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound and heat insulation properties can be directly used on old-fashioned foundation surfaces such as stone, ceramics, and wood. It is also the best choice for hospital construction.


🔹Professional construction


The quality of construction often determines the level of maintenance and maintenance costs in later use. The professional construction team will inspect the floor before construction. After the inspection is qualified, the ground can be polished and dust-collected before construction. However, the construction without professional training often ignores these construction details, which makes the floor prone to curling, unevenness and other problems in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor.


On the contrary, from the beginning of the project, it is necessary to provide thoughtful tracking services, provide technical and service support for the entire life cycle of the product, and a series of standardized processes from installation, maintenance to unloading, so that the medical floor can be used for a long time. Particular attention is paid to the quality of glue application. The glue application thickness and application area can be grasped according to the nature of the floor and the temperature, to achieve an even application and rapid curing effect, so that it can be put into use 24 hours after the completion of the construction.


🔹Easy maintenance


Different quality products of PVC flooring will reflect obvious differences in actual applications. Take wear resistance as an example. Excellent wear resistance can reduce the frequency of daily maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce maintenance costs in the cycle. The polyurethane topcoat attached to the surface has water resistance, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, and is covered with extremely strong wear-resistant transparent PVC, which greatly simplifies the tedious maintenance steps in the life cycle, and is very suitable for use in hospitals and other large crowds. Require. Therefore, consumers must not only pay attention to immediate investment when purchasing, but also have to "look ahead" and "look after" maintenance expenditures.