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November 13,2021

Plastic floors are used in many office places. It is said that they have good waterproof and flame retardant properties, can reduce noise to a certain extent, and have a good foot feeling. In this case, why are they rarely used in home decoration?


plastic floor


Compared with the leading position of laminate flooring and floor tiles in home decoration, the acceptance of plastic flooring is much less. At present, it is only used by family users in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and large and medium-sized second tier cities, and has not reached the degree of popularization. Why?


People's traditional cognition in home decoration still needs to be changed slowly.


Chinese traditional flooring materials are wood flooring and floor tiles, especially in home decoration. Other people's bedrooms and living rooms use wood floors and laminate floors, and kitchens and bathrooms use floor tiles. You don't have to feel that you don't have a bottom in your heart and don't look good enough at home. This traditional cognition limits people's use of new materials. Like kindergartens, Chinese traditional cognition, kindergartens must be colorful, otherwise there will be no atmosphere.


The basic level of home decoration houses generally can not meet the installation requirements of plastic floors.


In Europe and the United States and other countries, the standard for the collection of new houses is to do a good job in self leveling. Take the United States for example, labor costs are expensive, and houses without good ground and grass-roots can not be sold. In China, the height difference of about 2 cm is normal in the acceptance standard released by the Ministry of construction. As it is, we can only accept it. In the construction standard of plastic floor, the height difference within 2 square meters should not exceed 2 mm, so it is necessary to do self leveling treatment before paving plastic floor.


The process of ground treatment and self leveling virtually adds trouble to the decoration company and time cost to the decoration period, which makes many consumers worry about paving plastic floors.


In fact, no matter what materials are laid on the ground, the ground base treatment is necessary and unavoidable: keel shall be laid for laying solid wood floor, reinforced floor leveling can increase the service life of the floor, and cement leveling shall be used for laying floor tiles. Plastic floor is a kind of soft ground material. Doing a good job of base treatment can ensure the service life and beauty of the floor. It is necessary to level the base.


The domestic paving technology and craftsman team are not mature.


The development time of plastic flooring is short, and it has been popularized in China for just more than 30 years. The process maturity is relatively late. There are relatively fewer craftsmen with superb skills than those laying floors and floor tiles. Most of the workers here are working clothes, mainly laying hospitals, kindergartens and offices, and few large-scale home decoration projects.


This situation determines that there are fewer good workers in the plastic flooring industry and fewer workers who can serve family consumers.


In this environment, no wonder there are many obstacles to the implementation of plastic flooring project in home decoration, and the owners do not buy it or have low trust. This requires that we, the pioneers in the industry, on the one hand, vigorously popularize and standardize the floor paving process, on the other hand, cultivate a highly skilled construction team, so as to fundamentally solve this problem.


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