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November 13,2021

PVC flooring plank is popular in the floor market because of its light weight, green environmental protection, no radioactive pollution, moisture-proof and anti-skid, not easy to deform in case of water and other advantages. At present, in the floor market, the price difference of pvc flooring plank is very large, some are tens of yuan per square meter, while others are as high as thousands of yuan. Under the background of chaotic market price system, regardless of subjective factors, what objective facts determine the price of pvc flooring plank?


pvc flooring plank


Use of materials


As a kind of composite floor, the multi-layer material of pvc flooring plank directly determines the quality of products. At the same time, the choice of different materials also determines the price of products. Among them, the surface pur layer, wear-resistant layer and glass fiber layer. If it is a sound-absorbing and noise reducing floor, there is also a foaming layer. The materials at different levels also have advantages and disadvantages. These many materials directly lead to the price difference of pvc flooring plank in the end market.


Workmanship of products


Although pvc flooring plank is a highly standardized product, it should pay attention to product design and technology as other household products. In terms of production technology, if it is hot pressing in Europe and America, the price will be higher, while if it is made by glue bonding in South Korea or China, the cost will be relatively lower. Because hot pressed products have no glue, there is no possibility of formaldehyde release, so the environmental protection will be much stronger and the price will be higher; In terms of product thickness, the wear-resistant layer of the product directly determines the wear-resistant ability of pvc flooring plank. The thicker the thickness, the more investment in wear-resistant materials of the product, which means the higher the investment cost, so the higher the price; On the printing layer, after careful polishing and production, the lines will be clearer and more exquisite. The quality of this kind of products is high, and the corresponding price will be more expensive.


Origin and brand


As we all know, the price of foreign products will not be too low after import, and the same is true for pvc flooring plank. On the one hand, pvc flooring plank is a mature industry in Europe and America, and its workmanship and technology investment are more advanced than domestic enterprises. On the other hand, foreign products entering China will be attached with certain import tariffs. Therefore, the price of foreign pvc flooring plank is higher than that of domestic enterprises; Brand influence is no longer a new word in recent years. If it is the products of first-line brand enterprises, driven by brand influence, they are more careful in workmanship and material selection than small enterprises, so the price of pvc flooring plank will naturally be high.


Here to remind you that when purchasing pvc flooring plank, we must integrate these factors and select pvc flooring plank with good quality and reasonable price.


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