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November 05,2021

PVC sports flooring is a new type of light flooring decoration material, which has the advantages of silence, anti-skid, non water seepage, non flammability, elasticity, convenient, fast and safe construction. Therefore, the application range of PVC sports flooring is also very wide. There are PVC sports floorings on campus, kindergartens, office buildings, subway corridors, sports rooms and other places. So do you know how to choose PVC plastic sports flooring?


pvc sports flooring


How to choose PVC plastic sports flooring?


Look at the product: the quality of PVC plastic flooring depends on the appearance first. The pattern, material and thickness look and feel good;


Look at the specification: if the specification marked on the PVC plastic floor deviates too much from the specification you perceive, you should be careful;


Look at sales: if you go to a physical store or manufacturer or merchant to buy PVC plastic flooring, you have to see whether the salesperson introduces you professionally. Sales with excellent general professional knowledge must have good strength;


Look at the certificate: an environmentally friendly PVC plastic flooring will certainly have relevant environmental protection certificates. In order to avoid being deceived, we need to see whether the environmental protection certificates of businesses or manufacturers meet the environmental protection standards;


Look at the price: we can't think that all PVC plastic floorings are expensive, because the price of PVC plastic floorings will certainly be different according to the thickness of the wear-resistant layer. In this way, we need to ask the price to see if it exceeds our psychological price, so it will be cheaper to buy the manufacturer's direct sales plastic floorings;


Look at the case: a manufacturer that produces good plastic flooring must have many loyal users. From the case of the company, we can see the quality of plastic flooring, and the plastic flooring with more people is certainly not much worse;


Look at the brand: the brand can only be exchanged by a company after a long accumulation and reputation, not overnight. Only those companies that have been in the plastic flooring industry for many years can produce higher performance and high quality plastic flooring;


Smell: smell if the product has a pungent smell. The body is the capital of revolution. Non environmentally friendly products can't be used. Some non environmentally friendly product manufacturers or dealers will make a big deal small;


Pull: pull the flooring to see if it is easy to deform or even break;


Pinch: pinch the flooring with your finger belly to see if the flooring will be pinched out of a pit for a long time, or it is hard and can't be pinched at all, or there is no elasticity. If you pinch out of a pit or there is no elasticity, it is a poor quality product. A good PVC plastic sports flooring should have a good rebound, and the foot will feel comfortable with a good rebound, to protect athletes better;


Scratch: scratch a hard object, such as a key lighter, on the flooring surface to see if the flooring surface will be damaged and the degree of damage has been reached. The wear resistance of the flooring can be well seen.


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