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November 13,2021

With the continuous expansion of the building materials market, more and more pvc self-adhesive flooring is known and used by the public. With its advantages of convenient installation, waterproof and moisture-proof, and high cost performance, pvc self-adhesive flooring is widely used in the home improvement and commercial markets.


More and more families are choosing to use PVC self-adhesive flooring independently, especially urban white-collar workers in rented houses, who are not willing to take their own lives too much, and the cost of using solid wood flooring is too arrogant. PVC self-adhesive flooring is one of them. Good choice.


How to choose a good pvc self-adhesive floor

In fact, the most important thing to buy PVC self-adhesive flooring is not the material itself, but the glue

Glue will directly affect your direct user experience using pvc self-adhesive flooring!


First of all, you have to ask if the glue will overflow, what is overflow?

Is the overflow glue ugly? Not only is it ugly, but more importantly, spilled glue will make dust stick to the floor, making it even more difficult to clean up later.


Good glue will not overflow, and of course the cost will be much higher.


If your floor is only going to be used for a period of time, most of the glue will not overflow immediately, it depends on when the glue is applied to the floor.


If you are going to buy pvc self-adhesive flooring next time, you must ask the seller clearly when your flooring was glued. If it is in stock, it is best not to buy it, because the flooring may have been glued. After a few years, after you go home to post it for a while, the adhesive will appear.


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What are the ground requirements for self adhesive flooring?

Not suitable for the floor: Self adhesive flooring is suitable for smooth, dry, clean and flat cement floors, ceramic tiles or small floor surfaces. (There is no damage on the original floor tiles, air bulging, warping, peeling, etc. can be laid.)


Not suitable for the ground: Self adhesive flooring is not suitable for wet or uneven ground. It is not recommended to be used on hot ground or as a subfloor.


If the ground is uneven, sand, dust, damaged, bumps and other rough ground, it is recommended to do self-leveling!


Many house owners are asking many a professional wholesale oem self adhesive flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer to draw conclusions. Of course, there is no lack of their experience in trying other types of flooring.