wholesale oem synthetic grass factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 15,2021

Synthetic grass flooring is an emerging member of the flooring family. The reasonable application of the floor can not only play a beautifying role in home decoration. Now more and more places use synthetic grass to decorate the ground. What are the advantages of synthetic grass? Why is it so popular?


The Introduction of the Synthetic Grass


wholesale oem synthetic grass factory,supplier and manufacturer


The development of synthetic grass has a history of more than 40 years. It originally originated in the United States. At that time, the natural grass under the roof could not grow. In order to solve this problem, synthetic grass was adopted. Since then, synthetic grass has spread from the United States to the world, forming American grass, European grass, Australian grass and Asian grass. American grass has stronger market competitiveness because of its long history, advanced materials and technology. Synthetic grass has great advantages, and there is no doubt that it will be more and more commonly used.


In many countries in the world, due to the influence of different geographical locations, extreme natural conditions and their own economic conditions, and the fact that a considerable number of natural grass courses must be equipped with roofs and other facilities, the laying of natural lawns is Maintenance becomes more difficult. Under such specific conditions, synthetic grass shows its great advantages. After a long period of development, the synthetic grass technology has become more mature, and many technical indicators have been close to natural grass, which can meet the various technical requirements of professional football matches on the surface of the playing field.


With the development of the market, great changes have taken place in synthetic grass in terms of materials, technology, construction, etc. The purpose of these changes is to make synthetic grass closer to natural grass in terms of sports performance.


In addition, synthetic grass overcomes several major difficulties of natural grass: one is that it cannot grow under extreme climatic conditions; the other is that some countries and regions cannot afford high maintenance costs due to economic reasons. Synthetic grass also has the characteristics of high frequency of use, easy paving, simple maintenance, and quick drainage. These advantages make synthetic grass have a broad development space and have a great trend to replace natural grass.


The Advantages of the Synthetic Grass


  • Synthetic grass carpet is one of the applications of leisure artificial turf


Synthetic grass has the characteristics of environmental protection, anti-aging, long service life, convenient paving, moderate price and convenient maintenance. Compared with other types of carpets, it has advantages in appearance, quality, use effect and price. Synthetic grass carpets are cheaper and more durable than pure wool carpets, and are more suitable for daily use than chemical fiber plastic carpets. Comprehensive consideration, it is a very cost-effective choice.


  • The synthetic grass carpet is non-slip and thick


Because of its inherent softness and resilience, especially for families with the elderly and children, it can play a good protective role. The synthetic grass carpet also has a good sound absorption effect, which is beneficial to maintain a quiet indoor environment.


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Because indoor air circulation is far less than that of outdoor venues, and the frequency of direct contact between lawn carpets and the human body is much higher than that of outdoor venues, there are extremely high requirements for the environmental protection of synthetic grass carpets.


In short, compared with traditional natural grass, synthetic grass is a nice choice. We are the wholesale oem synthetic grass factory, supplier and manufacturer. Any interests, welocme to contact us.