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November 04,2021

Table tennis is a national sport, and it often crushes countries on the world's competitive arena. Therefore, everyone's recognition of it is quite high, and many entrepreneurs have also taken a fancy to this market. But a good table tennis court pays attention to details, especially when it comes to the choice of table tennis floor, it has high requirements. Let's take a look at what kind of table tennis floor is good.


table tennis floor


Floor characteristics


For the medium and high-grade table tennis venues, we suggest to choose the red 4.5mm litchi pattern or red grid pattern plastic floor. With the performance of professional plastic floor and higher cost performance, it is undoubtedly the best choice for medium and high-grade indoor badminton venues.


Advantages of special floor for table tennis competition




1000D glass fiber reinforcing mesh and special grid cloth fiber reinforcing layer are added to the special floor product structure for table tennis competition, which ensures the dimensional stability and firmness of the product during movement, and plays an automatic reinforcing role.




The bottom surface of the foam layer of table tennis plastic floor is textured. With a reasonable weight, the air between the floor and the ground can be discharged by manual roller after spreading on the site, forming a relative vacuum state, which has more adhesion and stability during movement.




After special treatment, the surface of the special floor for table tennis matches the brightness of the light, which will not absorb light and reflect glare. It can better protect athletes' eyes and is not easy to produce fatigue. The total thickness is up to 4.5mm. It is equipped with an appropriate foaming bottom layer as a buffer layer to make it more shock-absorbing and rebound. It can effectively reduce the impact of athletes' legs, make their feet feel comfortable, better avoid sports injuries and improve the performance of athletes.


🔹Durability and wear resistance


The special floor for table tennis competition adopts 100% pure PVC high-quality material, and the surface layer is treated with special high-tech environmental protection material TPU technology, which has the best durability and wear resistance, so as to increase the service life of the floor.


🔹Easy maintenance


The surface of the special floor for table tennis competition has the ability to eliminate external pollution. If the surface is polluted, it can be brushed with clean mop and clean water. Key dirt can be cleaned with neutral detergent. The 554 pattern of the bottom layer of single pore closed PVC has been treated with astringency, waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial treatment, so that the product itself has a self-protection barrier, so as to enhance the self pollution discharge function of the product!


🔹Excellent noise reduction effect (25dB / 28dB reduction)


The standard bottom layer thickness of the special floor for table tennis competition, coupled with suitable rebound and reasonable shock absorption, has the function of sound absorption and good sound insulation effect in sports.


Precautions for table tennis floor purchase


  • Study product packaging and qualification certificate


Generally speaking, the packaging of table tennis floor, whether imported from abroad or manufactured in China, shall be marked in Chinese or English. In order to maintain the company's brand image, regular manufacturers use environmental protection raw materials in line with national regulations, which can ensure the safety of products, which is difficult for some small enterprises.


  • Whether the comfort and wear resistance meet the standard


If the surface of the sports floor is not specially treated, the light will be reflected to the athlete's eyes, resulting in visual fatigue. In addition, if the floor foam buffer layer is not qualified, its shock absorption and resilience will be greatly reduced, and it can not provide safety protection for athletes.


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