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November 04,2021

In short, artificial grass is a man-made grass. Different from natural grass, this kind of grass has the characteristics of good water absorption, high wear resistance and low unit price cost. Because of this advantage, artificial grass can be loved by many customers and is widely used in stadiums, hotel leisure areas, exhibition business areas and other areas.


artificial grass


Advantages of artificial grass


⭕Clean and hygienic


Many parents feel that there are more bacteria on the real grass. Because the children's resistance is poor, they are not suitable to play on it, so these real grasses are gradually replaced with artificial grasss. Laying artificial grass has many advantages. It is not only safe and hygienic, but also will not become bald and ugly because of trampling.




Artificial grass is basically not affected by weather and region. It can be used in extreme climate areas such as high cold, high temperature and plateau, and has a long service life.




The artificial grass has various colors, is durable and does not fade. It can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is a better choice for sports venues, leisure courtyards, roof gardens and other places.


⭕Laying and maintenance


Artificial grass laying has low requirements for foundation, and can be constructed on asphalt and cement with short cycle. It is especially suitable for the construction of middle and primary school venues with long training time and high use density. The artificial grass has the advantages of convenient maintenance, good water permeability and special wear resistance.


⭕Excellent physical and chemical properties


After hundreds of thousands of wear tests, the fiber weight of artificial turf is only lost by 2% - 3%. In addition, the tensile force, water permeability and elasticity are very high. It can be drained about 50 minutes after heavy rain.


⭕Good safety


The principles of medicine and kinematics are used to protect the ligaments, muscles and joints when the athlete moves on the grass, and greatly reduce the impact force and friction when falling.


⭕Reduce the workload


After laying the artificial grass, the workload of the staff has also been reduced a lot. It only needs regular inspection and repair the uneven places.


Precautions of artificial grass


  1. It is forbidden to wear spiked shoes with a length of 5mm or more to exercise violently on the grass(including high heels).


  1. No motor vehicles are allowed to drive on the grass.


  1. It is forbidden to put heavy objects on the grassfor a long time.


  1. Shot put, javelin, discus or other high falling sports are prohibited on the grass.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to pollute the grasswith various oil stains.


  1. In case of snow, it is forbidden to step on it immediately. It is necessary to sweep the floating snow on the surface before use.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to throw gum and all sundries on the grass.


  1. All fireworks are strictly prohibited.


  1. Do not use corrosive solvents on the grass.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to bring sugary drinks into the site.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to tear and pull the grassfiber destructively.


  1. Do not damage the grasssubbase with sharp tools.


  1. The sports grassshall keep the filled quartz sand flat to ensure the movement track or bounce track of the ball.


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