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November 15,2021

People who are not working in the related industry of flooring may not know how to choose a quality and economical tiles. Today we are going to talk about the evolution of flooring materials and introduce the new flooring material-PVC flooring. It refers a flooring whose main materials include PVC powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, carbon black. Therefore people also categorize LVT flooring, SPC flooring and WPC flooring into PVC flooring.


As we all know solid wood flooring and ceramic flooring are the most common floors used in our home. And the wood flooring can be also divided into laminate, parquet, solid and engineered hardwood flooring let alone ceramic flooring. Nowadays with the rising of PVC new flooring, more and more people want to have a try these new types. But they have no idea since they don’t know the pros and cons it would bring for them. So we are going to introduce the typical PVC flooring-vinyl click flooring.


vinyl click flooring


The definition of vinyl click flooring


As we mentioned above, vinyl click flooring belongs to PVC flooring and it is actually a type of LVT flooring which locks together. This flooring boasts all the benefits of ordinary LVT flooring such as durability, warmth and water resistance. In addition, it also features in the extra benefit of a quick and easy installation.


The benefits of vinyl click flooring


In the last paragraph, we have roughly introduced the benefits of lvt flooring, but didn’t tell the original reason. So let’s make a detail introduction about the benefits about LVT floors.


Easy to install


As its name implies,vinyl click floors is a kind of flooring using a locking way on the edges of the boards allowing the flooring to be ‘clicked’ together. If you have ever seen people working along with pasting ceramic tiles, you know that single ceramic tile should be glued with other tiles together. And the glue contains formaldehyde which is a harmful substance to human body. Compared with ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring can be laid over an underlay without using glue. Therefore applying with vinyl click flooring would be more safe than traditional flooring. In addition, vinyl click tiles are also simple and quick to install which means a DIY installation is accessible.




Besides more safe than other traditional flooring, one of the most important advantages of vinyl click flooring is waterproof. All LVT floors, whether Vinyl Click or glue-down, are fully waterproof. Damp and mould growth are the biggest enemy for people who are living on lower floor level and bathroom, kitchen. Ordinary wood flooring and ceramic flooring would grow mold and finally damage your flooring. But vinyl click floors could solve these problems since they lock together tightly, to prevent any water from seeping through to the underfloor.


A variety of other flooring appearance is available


The surface of Vinyl Click flooring is covered with an ultra-realistic photographic layer, which can replicate any flooring material you want. Therefore as long as you want you can acquire vinyl click flooring similar to dark wood, light stone or anything else in between. Vinyl Click really is the interior designer’s dream floor as they can create a variety of different flooring to decorate people’s house.


Easy to clean


Vinyl Click floors is convenient to clean. The tiles are waterproof, which don’t like the waterproof of wood tiles and ceramic tiles, who can prevent the water away from their surface but can’t prevent water permeating into the crack between two tiles. Therefore, we don’t worry about the mop damaging our vinyl click flooring since they are locked so tightly, avoiding completely water to get in.


In conclusion


Since we have introduced the benefits of vinyl click flooring, we can learn that it is a quality flooring which is suitable for humid environment as well as a good choice for the old and children for its zero formaldehyde. But we have not mentioned the price of vinyl click flooring, because the price range of this flooring are 10-100 dollars around. So it would be also a challenge to choose a quality vinyl click flooring being worth its price as well.


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