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November 13,2021

The characteristics of wear-resistant, cheap and good quality of vinyl floor have been gradually known by the market, but compared with foreign hospitals, the proportion of vinyl floor in domestic hospitals is not high. Only by deeply understanding the performance of vinyl flooring can hospitals know how to make good use of things and truly improve the quality of medical environment.


vinyl floor for hospital


Safety protection


The injection passivation process of the vinyl floor makes the surface of the product without pores, so that the dirt cannot penetrate into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment to prevent microbial reproduction inside and outside the floor. The vinyl floor adopts multi-layer structure, uses reasonable friction coefficient, ingenious dispersion of walking pressure and shock absorption performance to ensure walking safety. The structural design of the wear-resistant layer on the top layer highlights the advantages of the multi-layer structure, including the glass fiber reinforcement layer to ensure the constant and stable size and ensure that the floor is not deformed and damaged. At the same time, the elastic buffer of the foam layer structure can avoid the scratch caused by the patient's fall. Good practicability and ultra-high cost performance, especially suitable for large-area application areas in halls and corridors.


Visual therapy


Flooring is part of building a hospital environment. vinyl elastic floor has rich colors, and the design of particles, spots or patterns makes the color collocation clear. For example, in the children's ward, the ingenious color matching of vinyl floor virtually eliminates children's resistance to the hospital and plays the role of "visual therapy". vinyl floor is widely used in foreign hospitals. vinyl floor has a variety of colors and design graphics, such as classical ceramic color, elegant wooden pattern, natural tone granite and so on. The patented circular edge design can be used not only at the edges and corners of the ground, but also for the circular ground, with unlimited play space. At the same time, it has coiled materials and elastic blocks that are easy to lay. Its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound and heat insulation performance can be directly used on the old-fashioned foundation surface layers such as stone, ceramics and wood. It is also the best choice for hospital construction.


Construction specialty


The construction quality often determines the maintenance cost in later use. The professional construction team will inspect the floor before construction. After passing the inspection, the ground can be polished and dust collected before construction. The construction without professional training often ignores these construction details, which makes the floor easy to curl and uneven in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor.


On the contrary, from the beginning of the project, it is necessary to provide thoughtful tracking service, provide technical and service support for the whole life cycle of the product, and a series of standardized processes from installation, maintenance to unloading, so as to make its medical floor have a long service life. Pay special attention to the quality of glue application, master the thickness and area of glue application according to the floor property and temperature, achieve the effect of uniform application and rapid curing, and put it into use 24 hours after the completion of construction.


Convenient maintenance


Vinyl flooring products of different quality will reflect obvious differences in practical application. Taking wear resistance as an example, excellent wear resistance quality can reduce the frequency of daily maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the maintenance cost in the cycle. The polyurethane topcoat attached to the surface has water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, and is covered with highly wear-resistant transparent vinyl, which greatly simplifies the cumbersome maintenance steps in the service cycle. It is very suitable for the use requirements of large flow areas such as hospitals.


Modern, healthy, environmental protection and people-oriented ideas are the core of high-end vinyl flooring. With the improvement of the modernization of domestic hospitals, hospitals can get twice the result with half the effort only by properly using high-quality vinyl floors.


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