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November 15,2021

Installing vinyl floor tiles is a simple process, which is a little easier than installing other types of tiles. The following is how to install and demolish vinyl floor tiles.


vinyl floor tiles


Installation method


  1. Measure the length and width of the room with a tape measure and multiply the two dimensions to get the area. Add about 10% and you can make the floor. Remove the skirting board or a quarter circle of boards around the room. When you prepare the floor, you need to make sure everything goes well. Vinyl floor tiles can be applied to almost any lower layer as long as it is smooth. If you put it on the concrete, you will probably have to use a self leveling compound to level any inclination. You may also have to use a sander to help smooth the concrete.


  1. If you are installing on an old vinyl, you should first cover the vinyl in the auto leveling compound. This will prevent the pattern on the old vinyl substrate from turning to the new vinyl substrate. If the old vinyl is installed on the concrete, you'd better simply pick it up and start from scratch. Before laying tiles, you should measure the center point of the room. Then draw a chalk line in that place so that you know where to start.


  1. Once you have determined the center point of the room, you should lay a row of ceramic tiles instead of sticking them on the ground. This will help you accurately visualize how they look after installation. When you are satisfied with the layout, start pasting them on the floor. Use your shovel to get some adhesive and lay it on the floor. Use the recommended trowel size and make sure the adhesive is smooth. Press the tile firmly into the adhesive. When you come to the end of a line, you must cut the tiles to the right size. Measure the distance you need to fill the tile, and then cut the tile to that size with your tool knife.


  1. After laying the floor, roll the tiles with the floor roller. Rolling flooring will help the tile bond with the adhesive to better adhere to the floor. After the tiles are laid, put the skirting board or quarter round bricks back, and you can finish it. Before moving anything back onto the adhesive, let the adhesive dry, and then you can enjoy your new floor.


Demolition method


  1. The first thing you have to do before removing a vinyl floor tile is to be ready. Any vinyl floor tile produced before the mid-1980s may contain asbestos. Asbestos can be very dangerous and fatal in large doses. Therefore, for the sake of safety, asbestos testing of the floor material is carried out before starting the demolition process. If you find any asbestos material, ask professional personnel to remove it.


  1. Another important preparation step is to ensure adequate ventilation in your work area. If necessary, you can open windows and doors and place fans nearby to complete this task. Be prepared to feel a little pain the next day, because removing vinyl floor tiles pasted with self-adhesive is a difficult task. You need to put in a lot of physical labor and be a little more patient than usual. The most effective way to remove tiles requires heating and a solid scraper.


  1. If you heat the tile, the underpinning adhesive will loosen and the bond with the ground will not be so tight. Sometimes all you need is a hair dryer. But if that doesn't work, try the electric gun. Once you remove each tile, there may still be residual adhesive residue. In some cases, vinyl installers will use additional glue when working, which makes the residual factors more complex.


  1. Methods of removing residues include scrubbing the stubborn substance with mineral oil and softening it with steam or hot water. However, the best way is to buy floor adhesive remover at your local hardware store. These products work by placing a chemical product for a period of time to soften the adhesive, and then scrape off the residue.


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