wholesale oem vinyl roll flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 15,2021

Vinyl roll flooring is a kind of PVC. Now the sales volume of PVC vinyl roll flooring is increasing year by year, and it has gradually become the first choice in the PVC flooring industry, and it is also the hot spot of current flooring sales.


wholesale oem vinyl roll flooring

wholesale oem vinyl roll flooring


Know PVC floor

PVC floor is based on polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main original, adding fillers, stabilizers, plasticizers, coloring agents and other auxiliary materials, on the continuous sheet-like substrate, through the coating process or calendering, extrusion or extrusion Manufactured by pressing process. PVC floor is a new type of light-weight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light-weight floor material". At present, there are also some materials suitable for wall decoration. It is environmentally friendly, ultra-light and ultra-thin, ultra-strong wear resistance, high elasticity and ultra-strong impact resistance, ultra-strong non-slip, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, waterproof, moisture-proof, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, sound absorption and noise prevention, small joints and no joints seam welding, quick installation and construction, a wide variety of colors, heat conduction and warmth, and convenient maintenance. Although PVC flooring has entered the domestic market for more than 30 years, many people still don't know much about this product. In fact, they are two kinds of decorative materials with completely different raw materials.


Know the roll flooring

Roll flooring is a softer floor with a roll of one roll. Generally, there are various width option,such as 1.5m to 5m, etc., and each roll has a length from 7.5m to 25 meters, etc., with a total thickness of 1.6mm-3.2mm.Curled floor is actually crafted from polyvinyl chloride material as the main raw material, included along with proper components, and also is actually created on a continuous sheet of substratum via a finishing method. It is separated into lathered polyvinyl chloride curled floor along with base material and strip bottom. There are 2 sorts of thick PVC curled flooring. Coiled flooring is actually the exterior packing of the wear-resistant level on television core, as well as the corrugated box is actually made use of for product packaging.



Higher appearance

Less sanitary dead ends

Few seams, strong overall sense

High PVC content, comfortable feet

The quality standard is high, and after the correct paving, there are few problems due to the product quality.


Maybe you have get them for your office from your vinyl roll flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer, here are some tips for laying.


How to lay PVC roll flooring for your office?

Preliminary preparation

Store the coiled floor in the room to be laid for 24 hours to adapt it to the temperature of the room. When laying, the indoor temperature should be between 10-32℃.


Ground treatment: The ground must be flat, dry and clean. If necessary, special "self-leveling cement" can be used to obtain a level ground.


Laying points

  1. Before the end of the construction, the coil should be temporarily fixed.
  2. When laying the coiled material, pay attention to the temperature of the construction environment. The temperature of the waterproof coiled material is above -5 degrees. If the full adhesion method is used for construction, the temperature of the coiled material can only be above 5 degrees.
  3. When laying, it must be done after the construction of the previous process is completed. Cross construction is not allowed. If equipment is to be installed on the laid coil, additional layer treatment must be done in its part.
  4. Additional layers need to be added when laying special parts.


Laying steps

Step 1: Roll up half of the coil and start glueing on the ground. Note that the coating area each time does not exceed half of the area of a single coil. Cover the floor and repeatedly compact it with a special rolling machine. Note that when rolling, first horizontally and then longitudinally, in order to squeeze out the residual air under the floor. The other half does the same as above.


Step 2: When laying the second row of floors, pay attention to keeping the direction of the floor consistent. Laying adjacent floors is to overlap 15mm, and then use a line marker to draw lines and cut.


Step 3: In order to seal the joints, remove the dust and debris from the ground and the back of the coil before applying glue, and leave a coin-thick seam between the joints to facilitate the opening.


Step 4: Welding is best done on the second day of bonding.


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