wholesale oem vinyl sheet flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 15,2021

Vinyl sheet flooring has been a popular flooring choice in the United States for many years. It still accounts for about 15% of annual flooring expenditures in the country. When most people talk about vinyl flooring they usually consider vinyl sheet flooring. Today this article will focuses on vinyl sheet flooring.


What is the Vinyl Sheet Flooring?


wholesale oem vinyl sheet flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer


Vinyl sheet flooring is a relatively new term that covers vinyl imitation stone tiles and vinyl imitation wood flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring occupies a large proportion in the US market, usually sheet or block flooring. As a floor material, vinyl is a combination of glass fiber, polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers and other synthetic materials. Also because it is composed of multiple layers of different materials, vinyl sheet flooring is not only durable but also comfortable.


Since investment in production around 1930, vinyl sheet flooring has begun to have an important impact on the construction industry.


Around 1950, vinyl sheet flooring became the main competitor of other resilient flooring and became the most cost-effective waterproof flooring choice for home bathrooms and kitchens.


Today, vinyl sheet flooring is not only popular in home design, but also widely used in commercial spaces with high traffic. After nearly 100 years of production, development and redesign, the current vinyl sheet flooring is thicker than in the past, which means that its moisture resistance and water resistance have become stronger.


The Advantages of the Vinyl Sheet Flooring


  • Vinyl sheet flooring is simple to preserve


Spills and humidity can destroy a wood floor. Vinyl is far more resistant. This makes it perfect for kitchen areas, washrooms, mud rooms, as well as laundry rooms. Any type of area that's exposed to a great deal of wetness or dust is concept for vinyl, since cleaning it off is so extremely easy.


  • Vinyl sheet flooring really feels soft underfoot


It won't come to be also hot like stone in warm rooms or as well cool like tile on a cool early morning. The surface maintains a much more even temperature that's easy on your bare feet.


  • The range of prospective patterns is considerable


Vinyl sheet flooring supplies an unbelievable series of designs. Vinyl is outstanding when used to brighten areas that take advantage of reflection, such as shower rooms.



  • It offers wonderful longevity


Since vinyl is man-made, efficiency is rated; you know specifically what you're obtaining, and how much time it'll last. Products likewise include service warranties.


  • Air high quality standards are excellent


Vinyl is low-emission as well as less likely to retain allergens than several all-natural sorts of floors.


  • Vinyl sheet flooring is versatile


It can be mounted over any kind of type of sub-floor as well as on every degree of a residence. Floor covering service providers can do fast, efficient, clean installment. This is a high-end that not every sort of floor deals.


  • Vinyl sheet flooring's budget friendly.


It holds its pattern and also color well; years in the future, it will certainly still look equally as excellent as the day you got it. The ease with which it can be maintained also makes it a terrific choice for those who do not wish to invest much on upkeep of a flooring throughout the years.


In short, as a new type of flooring in the new era, vinyl sheet flooring has many advantages. We are the wholesale oem vinyl sheet flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer. Any interests, welcome to contact us.