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November 13,2021

Because athletes need frequent training, a comfortable volleyball court training place is very important for professional volleyball players. In order to allow volleyball players to exert their real strength, many volleyball court flooring have been changed to PVC plastic flooring.


volleyball court flooring

wholesale oem volleyball court flooring


The characteristics of PVC plastic floor

Not only does it have good flatness, high compressive strength, moderate elasticity, and stable physical properties, it is conducive to the speed and technique of athletes, and it can more effectively improve sports performance and reduce the rate of fall injuries.


Advantages of professional volleyball court vinyl flooring

Super anti-skid and abrasion resistance

The surface layer of the volleyball court PVC plastic sports floor uses high-quality wear-resistant materials and is treated with special technology to achieve the best effect of sports and braking. When the athlete jumps, crosses, and returns to position, most of the strong impact on the foot is absorbed by the double-layer buffer layer, which makes it feel great fitness.


Excellent stability

The volleyball court PVC plastic sports floor is made of 100% pure virgin material, plus a stable reinforcement layer and a glass fiber layer, which makes the floor more resistant to stretching, the product is more stable, and the service life is longer.


Excellent shock absorption and shock resistance

The volleyball court PVC plastic sports floor adopts the most advanced foaming bottom technology in the world, and has super-strong dispersion and absorption characteristics of object impact and collision, which can effectively reduce the damage to the human body.


Unique antibacterial properties

The volleyball court PVC plastic sports floor has undergone a special antibacterial treatment to prevent bacteria and microorganisms from breeding, ensuring the antibacterial and mildew resistance of the plastic floor.


Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

The volleyball court PVC plastic sports floor has been tested by national professional institutions. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, non-slip, insect-proof, anti-corrosion, first-class flame retardant, anti-aging, sound-absorbing, and has efficient antibacterial function, which makes the sports space more Healthy, safe and comfortable.


Simple installation and maintenance

Installation can be divided into mobile paving and fixed paving, in order to save space and increase versatility; maintenance and cleaning are convenient and simple, ordinary stains can be cleaned with mop water, serious stains can be cleaned with neutral detergent, and the maintenance cost is low.


Volleyball court flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer reminds you that you must pay attention to
its maintenance and maintenance.


1. The cleanliness of the site. Repair and maintenance is a regular task. In addition to daily cleaning, it must be cleaned once a quarter, and professional floor cleaners can be used to insert and wipe the heavily contaminated areas.


2. Regularly check the volleyball court posts and nets.


3. The signs on the ground of the volleyball court should always be kept clear and eye-catching. The marking line must be refurbished once a year.


4. Volleyball fans are not allowed to wear leather shoes when entering the court. They must wear sports shoes to enter the volleyball court.


5. It is not allowed to bring melons and peels into the hall, and spit on the place is not allowed. Pay attention to the environmental hygiene in the hall.