wholesale oem wooden vinyl flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer

November 13,2021

The living room is where the family has the most activities. In this large space, the choice of floor is very important. Although there are many types of flooring on the market now, wooden vinyl flooring has always held a place. Why is wooden vinyl flooring so popular? What are the advantages?


The Merits of the Wooden Vinyl Flooring


wholesale oem wooden vinyl flooring factory,supplier and manufacturer


  • Durable


Wooden vinyl flooring is made of wood and vinyl. Now the wooden vinyl flooring on the market has a thickness of 18mm. This thickness ensures abrasion resistance. Many wooden vinyl flooring materials are hard and dense, and have strong anti-corrosion and insect resistance, so they can be used for many years in normal use.


  • Environmental friendly


Wooden vinyl flooring is a truly environmentally friendly material without any harm or side effects to the human body. This is why many families value the choice of wooden vinyl flooring. Natural wood itself is relatively environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde. However, some small manufacturers or unscrupulous merchants choose poor quality paint when making lacquer boards. This will cause the wood floor formaldehyde to exceed the standard and cause harm to people’s health, so choose a brand that is guaranteed product


  • Thermostat


Due to the low thermal conductivity, wooden vinyl flooring has a good temperature regulation effect. Especially in the cold winter, people who are active indoors will not feel cold. Wooden vinyl flooring will not heat up in summer, and the original ecological wood can make people feel close to nature, and feel cool and comfortable.


  • Beautiful and natural


Wood is natural, and its annual ring texture often gives people a feeling of returning to nature.


  • Natural fragrance


The wooden vinyl flooring exudes natural wood fragrance, which makes people feel like returning to the natural world. And the smell of some wood can also be beneficial to human health.


  • Recycling


Wooden vinyl flooring is a kind of wood that can be recycled many times. After the wooden vinyl flooring is worn out, it can be renovated by repainting.


Easy to clean, wooden floor is easy to clean, use conventional light vacuum cleaner or simple brush. This will definitely benefit families with pets, because the dirt brought by cats and dogs from outside is easier to clean up.


  • Convenient construction


Wooden vinyl flooring can meet the needs of various installations without sacrificing the use effect. Our company has a set of standard and unified laying technology, and the owner only needs to choose the wood floor suitable for his family. Usually large-brand wooden vinyl flooring vendors can complete the whole process by themselves, without the owner's intervention, so that the owner can save time and effort.


  • Safe


Wooden vinyl flooring is more wear-resistant, and it is not easy to slip on it. And if it is a high-quality and precious wood product produced by a regular manufacturer, you don't have to worry about formaldehyde pollution. Wooden vinyl flooring is especially suitable for families with elderly and children.


All in all, wooden vinyl flooring is one of the best choices for the floor of a house. We are the wholesale oem wooden vinyl flooring factory, supplier and manufacturer. Any interests, welcome to contact us.